Year of the Dog: Italian Spinone

I went to Emmaus in Bolton the other day with Ethan, my friend and her kids. We hadn’t been there long when we spotted a really excited puppy! I wasn’t sure what breed the beautiful puppy was but it turns out he’s an Italian Spinone, what a handsome boy! Alfie is only 11 weeks old but he’s already getting big! I l looked up the breed when I home and they grow to a good size. Alfie was very happy to see us, he was very excited and loved playing with Ethan and his pal Stanley. He also really enjoyed eating stones, his human mummy has to spend lots of her time taking stone out of his mouth! Alfie gets to go work with his humans which is great, he also shares an office with a parrot!

Alfie Spinone

Gorgeous Alfie!


Alfie Spinone 2

Name: Alfie

Breed: Italian Spinone

Age: 11 weeks old

Favourite food: Raw meat and stones!

Favourite toy: His squeaky toys which he’s now broken! The parrot now imitates the squeak though!

Favourite pastime: Eating everything and sleeping!


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