Year of the Dog Day 308

I popped to my parents this afternoon and as I was parking up I noticed a nice looking dog down the street and as my husband was with me and Ethan I ran down to say hello. I met beautiful Jess, a German pointer and Border Collie cross. Jess is a friendly girl and she looked into my eyes to say hello! Jess is a rescue dog from Manchester Dogs home. She was taken in as a stray so they don’t know much about her back story but she had definitely had some training. Jess came to live with her current humans when she was 18 months old. Jess’s human sister loves her to bits and likes to dress her up; Jess was a pumpkin for Halloween!

Beautiful Jess!

Beautiful Jess!

Name: Jess

Breed: German Pointer and Border Collie cross

Age: 6 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Mara bone treats

Favourite toy: Any squeaky and furry toys!

Favourite pastime: Sitting on his human sister knee, Jess thinks she’s a lap dog!


Year of the Dog Day 200

We have family visiting this weekend so we decided to take them to the excellent IWM North today as they’ve never been! We had a great visit and decided to take a stroll over the bridge to have a little look round Media City. When we got to the bridge I spotted a very tall and handsome dog coming towards us so I went over the say hello. Monty is a very tall German Shorthaired Pointer, he was the biggest in his litter! He’s a friendly boy and I got to give him a good stroke; I even got a wet nose kiss! Monty had to have an operation last Friday on two of his cruciate ligaments. Fortunately it was keyhole surgery so he didn’t have a massive scar. He’s doing really well considering he’d only just had his operation and could walk round pretty normally; lovely boy! Fortunately Monty’s humans got him insured, so far  he’s had to have £11,500 worth of treatment, fingers crossed its all ok now!

Handsome Monty!

Handsome Monty!

Lovely boy!

Lovely boy!

Name: Monty

Breed: German Shorthaired  Pointer

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Chicken and rice!

Favourite toy: Anything that is a bird, he is a gun dog! They tend to get ripped to shreds pretty quickly!

Favourite pastime: Running and chasing squirrels!

Year of the Dog Day 165

Myself and the family went to the beach today, it was really great, Ethan had a brilliant time! I saw so many amazing dogs including a gorgeous Cockapoo, a Boston Terrier and loads of Border Collies, Labradors, Yorkshire Terriers, Cocker Spaniels and King Charles Cavalier Spaniels!

I spotted my Dog of the Day sat outside the cafe, she has such a kind, friendly, smiley face! Poppy is a beautiful Short Haired German Pointer. She’s grown up with 3 human siblings, they love her very much!


Beautiful Poppy!

Beautiful Poppy!


Name: Poppy

Breed: Short Haired German Pointer

Age: 12 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Sausages!

Favourite toy: Poppy loves balls!

Favourite pastime: Walking! Poppy also loves paddling in shallow water, she doesn’t like swimming in deep water though!


Year of the Dog Day 19

I’m very excited today! I was sat in my office in work when the phone rang, it was my colleague Kim. “Quick Liza, we’ve got a dog for you” she said so I ran down the stairs to the reception desk. When I got down there Kim explained that they saw an amazing dog and so my other colleague Mark ran after them and explained about the blog. By the time I got down (my office is probably the furthest point away from the reception desk) there was no dog to be seen but they were due to come back that way. Only a few minutes later the amazing Chow Bubba appeared, what an amazing dog, you don’t see Chow’s every day! Whilst I was taking picture of Bubba another admirer walked past and also took a picture, although I don’t think that lady was doing a blog! The building in the background is the spectacular John Rylands Library!

Beautiful Bubba

Beautiful Bubba

Name: Bubba

Breed: Chow

Age: 1-year-old (human years)

Favourite food: Papaya!

Favourite toy: Bubba doesn’t really play with toys but does enjoy eating her owners slippers, 3 pairs have been eaten already!

Favourite pastime: Going for a walk around town!

Year of the Dog Day 12

I met a beautiful dog today! I decided to have a look for a little hidden park that I’d been told about in the centre of Manchester which I’d never been to before. It’s a nice little park and I was very lucky and met a dog straight away, a very elegant German Short Haired Pointer called Teazle. I’d never heard that name before but Teazle’s owners explained that it’s a type of flower. I really love the story of how she got her name. Teazle’s family were on holiday in Cornwall when all of a sudden a dog called Teazle jumped into the back of the car. Their daughter fell in love with the dog and wanted to take it home with them! What their daughter didn’t know was they had already bought a puppy German Short Haired Pointer for her which they were due to pick up when they returned from their holiday. When they picked up the puppy they decided to name her Teazle after the lovely dog from Cornwall!

Beautiful Teazle

Beautiful Teazle

Name: Teazle

Breed: German Short Haired Pointer

Age: 12 years old (human years)

Favourite toy: Anything that squeaks and the daughters’ slippers!

Favourite pastime: Lying on the sofa!