Year of the Dog Day 270

I’m working today and I actually managed to get ready in good time (I’m normally really slow on a Sunday) so I had enough time to pop to the park before work! As soon as I arrived I spotted a couple walking 2 very cute dogs! Amber and Scamp are very friendly, I gave them both a good stroke! They are both rescue dogs Amber is from Leigh Cats and Dogs Home and Scamp was found tied up outside a golf course. Fortunately he was taken to his current humans sons vets and that’s how he came to live with them. I know I’ve said this before but I really don’t understand why people abandon dogs, if they really don’t want them why don’t they take them to a rescue centre? Amber and Scamp get on well together but Scamp has little dog syndrome and barks at all other dogs!

Gorgeous Amber and Scamp!

Gorgeous Amber and Scamp!

Name: Amber

Breed: Border Collie and Retriever cross

Age: 17 years old (human years)

Favourite food: JD Dog Food

Favourite toy: Frisbee’s and squeaky toys

Favourite pastime: Going for walks!

Name: Scamp

Breed: Jack Russell and Chihuahua cross

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: JD Dog Food

Favourite toy: Scamp doesn’t play with toys!

Favourite pastime: Going for walks!


Year of the Dog Day 143

We went for a little walk around the grounds of Gawthorpe Hall today and I spotted a very handsome Flat Coated Retriever. Max was rescued from RSPCA East Lancashire rescue centre when he was two years old. He’s a very friendly boy, he didn’t stop smiling the whole time! He also let Ethan give him a little stroke!

Handsome Max!

Handsome Max!

Name: Max

Breed: Flat Coated Retriever

Age: 10 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Carrots! He goes mad for them!

Favourite toy: Max doesn’t really play with toys! He likes playing tug though!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping

Year of the Dog Day 110

I stepped out of work today to head to a meeting when a really handsome Golden Retriever walked past so I went over to say hello! Angus is very friendly, what a lovely dog! His human mummy works in London during the week so he stays with his human uncle who clearly loves him to bits! Angus had a pink mark on his face which was lipstick from where his human mummy kissed him goodbye!

Handsome Angus!

Handsome Angus!

Name: Angus

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Sausage sandwiches and carrot cake!

Favourite toy: Soft toy donkey. Angus likes to carry it round in his mouth!

Favourite pastime: Going to the café! There are two in Barton Arcade in Manchester that he likes to visit, at one he gets a sausage sandwich and the other one he gets carrot cake!

Year of the Dog Day 101

We all popped to the shop this morning and as soon as we walked in I spotted some people with 2 guide dogs who were there to collect money for the Guide Dog Association

Inca is a working Guide Dog and has been with his human daddy for 3 years. Inca is pretty tall and his dad was telling me that they breed Guide Dogs to different sizes to match the height of their owners. They also take other things into consideration like how active the person is and the kind of activities they regularly do. It’s so obvious but I hadn’t thought about it before that they would do that, it makes so much sense! Inca was very friendly and was happy for everyone to say hello! He lent into me for a little cuddle!

Rinty is a retired Guide Dog. His previous owner developed problems with his arms and so couldn’t walk with him anymore. They did try to re-train Rinty but they found that he had developed a fear of heavy traffic and so he had to retire. His current human daddy has always had dogs and has been a puppy walker for 13 different Guide Dog puppies. I asked him it was really hard giving them up; I don’t know if I could do it! He said that it is pretty hard but you have to remind yourself that they’ll only be with you for a year and that there going on to do an amazing job! He said that it’s all worthwhile when you receive a letter from there new owner thanking you for the work you’ve done! Rinty also lives with a former Guide Dog trainee that didn’t make it!

I know I’ve said it before but I think that Guide Dogs are so amazing, what caring, gentle, clever dogs they are!

Friendly Inca!

Friendly Inca!

Name: Inca

Breed: German Shepherd and Retriever cross

Job: Guide Dog

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Inca is on a special Guide Dog diet

Favourite toy: Pull ring

Favourite pastime: Free running and swimming!

Handsome Rinty!

Handsome Rinty!

Name: Rinty

Breed: German Shepherd

Job: Retired Guide Dog

Age: 4 years old

Favourite food: All food!

Favourite toy: Squeaky duck

Favourite pastime: Free waking out and about!

Year of the Dog Day 95

I had another easy day in terms dog hunting! Today I met up with a very handsome Curly Coated Retriever called Hector. Hectors human mummy Kirstin is the human daughter of Muffin and Jake’s (day 68) human mum; she got in touch after I met Muffin and Jake and so we got chance to meet up today! Hector is a very friendly handsome boy, he’s massive too, you can’t really tell how big he is by the picture! He also came along to the park with Muffin and Jake; it was very nice to see them again! They’re all really sweet together, at one point I was stroking all 3 of them!

Hector is a rescue dog, he was left abandoned tied up to a lamppost. I can’t understand why people do that. He’s such a lovely dog, I’m really pleased he’s got a good home now!

Handsome Hector!

Handsome Hector!



Name: Hector

Breed: Curly coated retriever

Age: 7 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Sardines and Pedigree Jumbones

Favourite toy: Plastic cupcake

Favourite pastime: Being the centre of attention!