Year of the Dog Day 303

I left work a bit earlier today so I ended up going to Deansgate station to get my train home. I was hoping that I would spot a dog at the train station and I was really in luck; as soon as I got on the platform I saw a beautiful assistance dog. Crumble was bred by the Guide Dog Assistance and was then trained by Support Dogs in Sheffield. Crumble has been with her human daddy for 18 months, they already clearly love each other! Crumble assists her human to pick things up, open/ close doors, takes off his coat, gets his medication and is trained to bark for help. What a great job Crumble does, dogs really are amazing. Crumble is her human’s second assistance dog, his previous dog was a Springer Spaniel that he had for 14 years.

Beautiful Crumble!

Beautiful Crumble!

Name: Crumble

Breed: Labrador and Retriever cross

Favourite food: Crumble is on a special diet but she especially likes treats!

Favourite toy: Crumble doesn’t play with toys

Favourite pastime: Walking in the park and being with her human, she’s with him 24/7!


Year of the Dog Day 276

I popped into town today with Tim and Ethan. On the way home in the car I spotted a beautiful trainee Guide Dog so I got Tim to pull over so I could say hello! Bessie is a lovely girl, she has such a gorgeous face! I got to give her lots of fuss and even tickled her belly! Bessie has been with her puppy walker since she was 6 weeks old; she’s now 18 months old and she’s due to start her training any time now! This is the first time that her puppy walkers have looked after a Guide Dog puppy but they’ve had lots of Golden Retrievers in the past.

I really respect the people that look after the Guide Dog puppies, it must be so difficult to say goodbye to them, they obviously have really big hearts! Bessie’s walker is a bit nervous about how she’s feel saying goodbye but she would consider doing it again. Bessie is a very loving dogs, she loves cuddles. Bessie is best friends with another Guide Dog puppy called Warrior, they go for a walk and play together every day!


Name: Bessie

Breed: Black Labrador and Golden Retriever Cross

Age: 18 months old

Favourite food: Bessie is on a special Guide Dog diet but she especially enjoys apples, pears and carrots!

Favourite toy: Bessie tend to rip toys up!

Favourite pastime: Swimming!

Year of the Dog Day 274

I’ve had a real treat today, a trip to the spa at the Last Drop Village with my mum! I’m extremely relaxed now! On the way back to the car I spotted a man walking two very lovely dogs so I went to meet them. By the time I’d reached them Bertie the Border Collie had already ran off so I decided to make Amber a beautiful Golden Labrador/ Retriever cross my dog of the day. Amber is a lovely girl, she very friendly and was also very relaxed! When Amber was a puppy she was in the Guide Dog training programme but unfortunately she didn’t make it because she didn’t stop ‘spending’ on the lead! Amber gets on well with her dog housemate Bertie although they are quite different temperament; Bertie doesn’t stop!

Beautiful Amber!

Beautiful Amber!

Name: Amber

Breed: Golden Labrador and Retriever Cross

Age: 7 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Amber loves soft toys which she likes to carry around in her mouth.

Favourite pastime: Eating!


Year of the Dog Day 244

It was pouring down at lunchtime today so I decided not to go out on a dog search until I got back to Bolton. I parked up near nursery and spotted a very lovely looking dog across the road so I went to say hello. Lilly was so excited that she did her excited dog dance where she steps from side to side, so cute. Lilly always does her dance when she’s excited! It reminds of a lovely Black and White Corgi I used to know called Pearl, she also used to dance from side to side when I saw her. The excited dog dance always makes me think of that episode of the Simpsons where Homer makes Lisa play the jug to help him think and he does a side to side dance along to the thinking music!

Lilly is such a happy friendly dog, she’s one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever met! Lilly is a Golden Labrador and Golden Retriever cross. When she was a puppy she looked more like a Labrador but her fur has changed as she’s aged and is now darker and with more curls. Lilly is best friends with a cat called Daz, they love each other loads and are always licking each other.

Beautiful Lilly!

Beautiful Lilly!

Smiley girl!

Smiley girl!

Name: Lilly

Breed: Golden Labrador and Golden Retriever Cross

Age: 10 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything! Lilly would eat for 24 hours a day if she was allowed!

Favourite toy: Lilly has lots of soft toys which she likes to gently carry round and licks them.

Favourite pastime: Swimming! Lilly goes swimming in the river every today.

Year of the Dog Day 213

I’m off work this weekend, I’m very pleased! I went to town today and I spotted 2 very lovely dogs who were helping their humans collect money for the Bolton NHS Charitable Fund. I went over to say hello and met very beautiful Baylee a Golden Retriever. Baylee is a Guide Dog and has been with her current human for 4 years. She’s a very friendly girl and was enjoying all of the fuss she was getting today! I got to give he lots of strokes and she leaned in for a cuddle. Baylee loves her human and licks her arm whenever they are bare!

Beautiful Baylee!

Beautiful Baylee!

Name: Baylee

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 6 years old (human years)

Job: Guide Dog

Favourite food: Baylee is on a specialist diet

Favourite toy: Squeaky dice. It’s quite noisy so she only gets to play with it as a special treat!

Favourite pastime: Free running

Year of the Dog Day 114

Unfortunately I still haven’t felt 100% again today so I had another day at home! Fortunately my lovely kind neighbour Sue brought her very handsome dog Dylan round to see me! Dylan lives with beautiful Lady from Day 1 and handsome Cassius from Day 47. Ethan was very excited that Dylan came round! Dylan is a really lovely dog, very handsome, friendly and  calm, he’s got a very nice temperament! Dylan originally lived with another family but one of the children developed bad asthma and so they had to re-home him; that’s when he came to live with Sue and Dave.

Unfortunately they received some very sad news a few weeks ago. Dylan has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, he possibly only has a few months to live. Dylan is such a beautiful animal. My thoughts go out to his family.

Very handsome Dylan!

Very handsome Dylan!

Lovely boy!

Lovely boy!

Name: Dylan

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 8 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Chicken, beef and treats!

Favourite toy: Soft toy martian

Favourite pastime: Swimming and going for long walks!

Year of the Dog Day 110

I stepped out of work today to head to a meeting when a really handsome Golden Retriever walked past so I went over to say hello! Angus is very friendly, what a lovely dog! His human mummy works in London during the week so he stays with his human uncle who clearly loves him to bits! Angus had a pink mark on his face which was lipstick from where his human mummy kissed him goodbye!

Handsome Angus!

Handsome Angus!

Name: Angus

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Sausage sandwiches and carrot cake!

Favourite toy: Soft toy donkey. Angus likes to carry it round in his mouth!

Favourite pastime: Going to the café! There are two in Barton Arcade in Manchester that he likes to visit, at one he gets a sausage sandwich and the other one he gets carrot cake!

Year of the Dog Day 63

I went for a drive to Horwich today to take my son to the hairdressers and as we were parking up I spotted a lady training a guide dog so I went over to say hello. I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to stop but fortunately they could so I got to say hello to beautiful Thelma. Thelma is still a trainee guide dog, she’s in the last part of her training though and only has 2 months to go, what a clever girl! Thelma is sooo gentle and obviously very well behaved, she was one of the easiest dogs so far to get a photo of!

Since I’ve started my blog I’ve wanted to see a guide dog, they’re so amazing! The work they do is so fantastic, dogs really are incredible! To find out more about guide dogs follow the link below.

Beautiful Thelma

Beautiful Thelma

Name: Thelma

Breed: Black Labrador and Golden Retriever Cross

Age: 20 months old

Job: Guide dog

Favourite food: Thelma is on a specialist diet that all of the guide dogs are fed.

Favourite toy: Yellow toy

Favourite pastime: Running and playing in the park!