Year of the Dog Day 304

I went for a much needed haircut today and whilst in the hairdressers John-Lee Guy in Bolton I spotted a beautiful Pomeranian. I asked the hairdresser if the dog belonged to one of the members of staff and it turned out that she belongs to the owner John-Lee and he was happy for me to take her picture. Izzy is a real cutie! Izzy is really lucky and gets to go to work with her human daddy every day; she’s been going since she was a puppy. Izzy has her own little bed behind the reception desk and she also likes having a little walk around the salon and getting fussed by all of her friends. Izzy also likes to dress up as you can see in the lovely picture her human daddy sent me below.

Beautiful Izzy!

Beautiful Izzy!


Name: Izzy

Breed: Toy Pomeranian

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Mild Cheddar cheese

Favourite toy: Toy space hopper

Favourite pastime: Walking in the city!


Year of the Dog Day 303

I left work a bit earlier today so I ended up going to Deansgate station to get my train home. I was hoping that I would spot a dog at the train station and I was really in luck; as soon as I got on the platform I saw a beautiful assistance dog. Crumble was bred by the Guide Dog Assistance and was then trained by Support Dogs in Sheffield. Crumble has been with her human daddy for 18 months, they already clearly love each other! Crumble assists her human to pick things up, open/ close doors, takes off his coat, gets his medication and is trained to bark for help. What a great job Crumble does, dogs really are amazing. Crumble is her human’s second assistance dog, his previous dog was a Springer Spaniel that he had for 14 years.

Beautiful Crumble!

Beautiful Crumble!

Name: Crumble

Breed: Labrador and Retriever cross

Favourite food: Crumble is on a special diet but she especially likes treats!

Favourite toy: Crumble doesn’t play with toys

Favourite pastime: Walking in the park and being with her human, she’s with him 24/7!

Year of the Dog Day 302

I went for a walk at lunchtime today and I spotted a very excited looking Cocker Spaniel so I went over to say hello. Louie is a lovely girl, she’s so friendly and seemed very happy to see me. She gave me some kisses and I also got a hug off her, what a sweetheart! Louie used to be called Lou Lou but her human dad wasn’t keen on shouting that name out so he started calling her Louie and the name stuck! Louie hardly keeps still as she’s extremely excited s it was quite difficult to get a picture of her!

Beautiful Louie!

Beautiful Louie!

Name: Louie

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Anything to do with water!

Favourite pastime: Swimming! Louie also loves everything that’s cold, dirty and wet!

Year of the Dog Day 301

I was at my parents house today when I noticed 2 dogs walking past so I ran outside. When I got out I realised that one of the dogs was Fudge from day 189 so I gave her a little stroke, she’s a lovely girl! Fudge’s human mum is a dog walker and she was also taking Maddie a beautiful German Shepherd for a walk. Maddie is a friendly girl and she’s very smiley! She was very interested when she spotted a squirrel across the road, I think she wanted to chase it! Fudge’s human walks Maddie twice a day and Maddie is always good and sticks by her side!

Beautiful Maddie!

Beautiful Maddie!

Name: Maddie

Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 9 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Meat and biscuits

Favourite toy: Squeaky toys

Favourite pastime: Walking! Maddie also loves carrying branches, not sticks, they’re too small!

Year of the Dog Day 300

It’s day 300 today, can you believe it! It really feels like a bit of a milestone! As the nights are dark early now I’m going to try and make sure that I get out every lunchtime to search for a dog which I did today. I’d been walking for a while when I spotted a lovely smiley dog across the road so I went over to say hello. Millie is a Lurcher, she’s a lovely girl, so friendly with such a kind face! Millie is a rescue dog from Manchester and Cheshire Dogs home and she’s lived with her current human for 4 years. She was in a bad way when her human first got her but she’s a happy girl now! Millie lives on a barge with her human.

Beautiful Millie!

Beautiful Millie!

Name: Millie

Breed: Lurcher

Age: 11 years old (human years). Millie’s human isn’t 100% sure of her age due to her being a rescue dog.

Favourite food: Human food!

Favourite toy: Millie doesn’t play with toys

Favourite pastime: Running after rabbits!

Year of the Dog Day 299

I’ve been working from home today so I popped to the park at lunchtime; I knew I’d have no trouble finding a dog! I spotted a man up ahead straight away with a German Shepherd so I sped up to catch them. Simba is a beautiful girl, she’s got a smiley, gentle face and I got to give her a good stroke. Simba wasn’t with her human’s but the man that was looking after her was able to provide me with her information. I think he thought I was a bit of a crazy person, but he was very friendly and helpful!

Beautiful Simba!

Beautiful Simba!

Name: Simba

Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Butchers!

Favourite toy: Simba doesn’t play with toys

Favourite pastime: Walking!

Year of the Dog Day 298

I’ve been working today so I headed out at lunchtime today to look for a dog. I spotted handsome Frenchie Maurice from Day 24 so I went to say hello. Maurice had to have an operation earlier this week so he has some stitches but I’m pleased to say that he’s ok. Maurice’s human mummy told me about a Bichon Frise that they had met who had just gone into a shop so I headed in to search for it! I asked the man in the shop if a dog had just come in and he pointed me in the right direction! They were just coming back up the stairs when I met beautiful Daisy, what a lovely, friendly and excited girl she is! I got to give Daisy lots of stokes, it was pretty difficult to get a photo of her as she kept coming back up to me for more fuss!

Beautiful Daisy!

Beautiful Daisy!

Name: Daisy

Breed: Bichon Frise

Age: 16 months old

Favourite food: Cheese and chicken strips! Daisy also has a passion for sea bass! Daisy also likes a croissant for breakfast!

Favourite toy: A fluffy mouse called Mini!

Favourite pastime: Showing her belly and having it rubbed!

Year of the Dog Day 297

I didn’t have to stress about finding a dog today as I’d already pre-arranged to go and see my friends Jo and Jim’s beautiful Dog Millie! I haven’t seen Millie for a while but she still greeted us with the usual mega excited happy hello! Millie is genuinely one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever met, I think her tail might wag for 24 hours a day! Millie was very good and gentle with Ethan and she managed to get a cheeky kiss in! It’s Millie’s birthday on Thursday and she’s getting a special treat of balloons to pop with treats in, she really likes popping balloons!

Beautiful Millie!

Beautiful Millie!

Lovely girl!

Lovely girl!

Name: Millie

Breed: Chocolate Labrador

Age: 8 years old (human years) on Thursday!

Favourite food: Everything; she is a Labrador! Millie especially loves carrots and cheese though, she gets shoelace drool when she see’s cheese!

Favourite toy: Cushions! Millie especially likes animal shaped ones which she carries round and treats like a puppy!

Favourite pastime: Playing football with Jim her human daddy!

Year of the Dog Day 296

I’m working late again today and with the dark nights I felt the pressure to find a dog during the daytime. I went for a little walk to a small park in the centre of Manchester at lunchtime and I was in luck, there was a couple with 2 dogs there! I went over to say hello to Honey and Ollie. Ollie is a rescue dog and isn’t very keen on strangers so I asked if Honey could be my dog of the day! Honey is a very excited girl, even though she had a tennis ball in her mouth for most of the time I was with her I could still see that she had a big smile! Honey isn’t too keen on having her picture taken though so it took quite a while to get a decent shot! She’s a very clever girl and kept running behind her mum when she saw the camera! I did mange to get a picture of her though which I was glad about, she’s very cute! I also got to give her a little stroke once I’d put my camera away!

Lovely Honey!

Lovely Honey!

You'll never get a picture of me!

You’ll never get a picture of me!

Name: Honey

Breed: Cockapoo

Age: 2 years old (human years). It is Honey’s birthday today, happy birthday Honey!

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite toy: Ball

Favourite pastime: Chasing her ball!

Year of the Dog Day 295

I went out for a little walk at lunchtime today and I spotted 2 police horses, they were very nice but I thought it seemed odd that they were out and about in the middle of the day! Anyway just behind the horses I spotted a dog sat outside the café so I went over to say hello! Koby is a lovely friendly Staffordshire Bull Terrier, I gave him lots of strokes and I couldn’t believe how soft his fur is, he spends lots of time in the doggy parlour! Koby is a rescue dog, he’s around 7 years old but he’s lived with his current human for the last 18 months. Koby’s human fell in love with him as soon as he met him, he just had to take him home! Koby’s human sometimes has to work away so Koby stays with his humans parents, they spoil him loads!

Handsome Koby!

Handsome Koby!

Name: Koby

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Age: 7 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Doggy scones! Koby’s human grandma buys a special doggy scone mixture and bakes scones for him, he loves them! What a lucky boy!

Favourite toy: Kong. Koby’s human buys cheap toys and once Koby has chewed the toys up he gets the squeaker and puts it in the Kong, Koby loves it! Koby has already chewed up 3 Kong toys!

Favourite pastime: Koby loves belly rubs and cuddles in bed. He jumps into his human’s bed every morning for a hug and stays tucked up in bed!

Year of the Dog Day 294

It’s been really rainy all day today so I had to wait for a break in the rain until I went looking for a dog! I went round to my parents house and when the rain wasn’t too bad I headed down the street. I was lucky because I spotted a dog straight away, a very handsome Border Collie. Toby is a really friendly boy and he’s so well behaved, he sat very still so that I could take a picture! The human that bread him is a photographer so he’s always good at having his picture taken! He’s also very clever and can do lots of tricks, he showed me spinning round and playing dead, he loves training! Toby is very calm for a Border Collie, his humans have had two others and he’s much more chilled than they were!

Handsome Toby!

Handsome Toby!


Name: Toby

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Liver and  fish

Favourite toy: Football

Favourite pastime: Toby loves playing with his girlfriend, a retired Guide Dog. They play with each other in the field every morning and when she’s on holiday Toby will sit at the gate waiting for her, so sweet!

Year of the Dog Day 293

I had to go to a meeting on the other side of Manchester today so I hoped I would see a dog on the way there, I was in luck. I spotted a cute little dog across the road so I went over to say hello. I met gorgeous Ted a Westiepoo; I’ve never met one before, what a cutie he is!

Gorgeous Ted!

Gorgeous Ted!

Name: Ted

Breed: Westiepoo (West Highland Terrier and Poodle cross)

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Treats!

Favourite toy: Fox tail squeaky toy!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping!

Year of the Dog Day 292

I went out and a about a few times during the day but I didn’t spot any dogs in Manchester so I popped to the park after work. It was just light enough, it’s going to get hard when he clocks go back! I spotted Charlie and Lola two gorgeous King Charles Cavalier Spaniels across the park. Charlie was my Dog of the Day for Day 111 so I went over to say hello and ask Lola if I could take her picture! Charlie and Lola are both lovely dogs, they’re really friendly to people and other dogs! I gave Lola lots of fuss, what a cute little face she has! Charlie and Lola were previously owned by a person that didn’t look after them properly and fed them food  which was bad for them. This made them overweight and Lola has had to have some teeth removed. Fortunately they now have humans that love them loads and are able to care for them properly.

Gorgeous Lola!

Gorgeous Lola!

Name: Lola

Breed: King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (Ruby)

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Human food

Favourite toys: Lola doesn’t play with toys. Her human thinks this is due to how she was brought up by her previous owner.

Favourite pastime: Bum racing! Lola puts her bum on the ground and races shuffling forward on her front paws! Her human took her to the vets as he was worried that she had worms but she hasn’t and it’s just something that she does!

Year of the Dog Day 291

I planned to pop to the park before work this morning but I ended up not having time! Fortunately I spotted a gorgeous dog on the way from the car to work so I ran to catch them up!  I met happy and excited William. He’s meant to be a Cocker Spaniel but his human thinks he might also have some Red Setter in him; I can definitely see that with his colour and his body and face seem slightly longer than a Cocker Spaniel. William is a very friendly boy, I gave him a good stroke!

Handsome William!

Handsome William!

Name: William

Breed: Cocker Spaniel and possibly Red Setter cross

Age: 1 year old (human years)

Favourite food: Bread!

Favourite toy: Teddies; he likes to chew them!

Favourite pastime: Chasing birds! William also loves having a cuddle on the sofa with his human.

Year of the Dog Day 290

When I arrived into work this morning I noticed that some stalls were being set up and then I spotted a tail wagging so I went to investigate! I met very excited Toffee, a gorgeous Cavashon. Toffee is still a puppy and he’s very happy about everything; I gave him lots of fuss! Toffee would like to be fussed for 8 hours a day if he could! Toffee lives with a cat who he loves lots, they all go on walks togther, how cute. As Toffee was at the stall all day I went to see him a couple of times, I got  to give him lots of strokes!
Gorgeous Toffee!

Gorgeous Toffee!

Name: Toffee
Breed: Cavachon (Caviller Spaniel and Bichon Frise Cross)
Age: 6 months old
Favourite food: Cat food!
Favourite toy: A toy rolled up newspaper
Favourite pastime:  Getting fussed!

Year of the Dog Day 289

Although I went out and about at lunchtime today I didn’t spot any dogs so I went for a little walk around the block when I got to Ethan’s nursery. It didn’t take long before I spotted a Springer Spaniel up ahead so I went in hot pursuit! Beth is a beautiful girl, she has such a friendly smiley face. Beth is getting old now but she’s still active and hasn’t got any grey hairs! Beth lives with a cat, they get on well and snuggle up with each other every night, but Beth lets the cat know who’s boss in the morning and chases her!

Beautiful Beth!

Beautiful Beth!

Name: Beth

Breed: Springer Spaniel

Age: 12 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Sausages, toast and crisps! Beth goes mad for toast, she really loves it!

Favourite toy: Red bone toy and a squeaky Santa. Beth can get a bit obsessed with toys and won’t go to eat her food when she’s got a toy!

Favourite pastime: Sitting on a sofa! She also loves walking on the beach!

Year of the Dog Day 288

On my way to the train station heading home I spotted a man carrying a tiny puppy, I couldn’t miss saying hello! Get ready for cute overload as Bill Murray is gorgeous! Bill Murray’s human has only just picked him up from the breeder but I could see how much he loves him already! Bill Murray got his name because his human saw a picture of the human Bill Murray which he thought looked like his lovely puppy. It’s a great name! Bill’s mum is a French Bulldog, she’s very boisterous! Bill’s human hasn’t had time to get to know him yet so we don’t have answers to some of the usual questions but I’ll hopefully be able to update them when he’s older!

Cutie Bill Murray!

Cutie Bill Murray!

Name: Bill Murray

Breed: French Bulldog and Pug Cross

Age: 9 weeks old

Favourite toy: So far it’s chewing the tassel on his humans coat!

Year of the Dog Day 287

I’ve got to be honest, I’m mega happy about todays Dogs of the Day! Since I’ve started my blog I’ve wanted to meet a Newfoundland because they’re amazing! I wish I could see one every day  but so far this year I haven’t seen one. I think Tim might be getting fed up of me saying “I hope I see a Newfie today”! Anyway on Sunday I bumped into Geoff the Saint Bernard and his humans and I mentioned that I still hadn’t met a Newfie. That night Geoff’s mum emailed me to say that she’d found me a Newfie; as you can imagine I was very excited! Thanks Michelle, you’re a star! So today I arranged to meet not one but two Newfoundland’s, amazing!

Bobby and Ella are brilliant; they’re both really friendly, I got to give them both lots of strokes and hugs! Ella is the oldest of the two and her human mummy told me that she’s a typical Newfie; she’s very chilled out and she’s a gentle giant! She likes to sit on peoples feet when they stroke her and she even sat on my knee, she thinks she’s smaller than she is! Ella is a lovely girl!

Bobby is 2 years old and although he’s not fully grown yet he’s massive! When he jumps up he’s taller than me! Bobby isn’t a typical Newfie as he’s very boisterous and he can get very excited. He’s so boisterous that his humans can’t walk him and Ella together. Unfortunately Bobby has been attacked by a couple of dogs which has made him a bit nervous but extra training has helped him. Ella and Bobby are both really lovely, I could of fussed them all day!

Beautiful Ella!

Beautiful Ella!

Handsome Bobby!

Handsome Bobby!


Name: Ella

Breed: Newfoundland

Age: 9 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Cheese!

Favourite toy: Ella has a big cuddly rabbit. She carries it really gently in her mouth like its a puppy, she really nurtures it.

Favourite pastime: Swimming! Typical Newfie!

Name: Bobby

Breed: Newfoundland

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Cucumber! Bobby goes mad for it! He also really likes strawberry’s.

Favourite toy: A squeaky ball but he only really likes it in the house, he gets bored playing chase outside!

Favourite pastime: Sniffing and running around chasing!

Year of the Dog Day 286

I had training on the other side of Manchester this morning, I hoped I would spot a  dog on the way back to work but no joy! When I got to Ethan’s nursery I went for a little walk around the block but again no joy, so I decided I would pop to the park on the way home. I’m really gutted that it’s starting to get dark early, it’s difficult to get good pictures! When I got to the park there was still some light and I spotted Tobias a very excited puppy running in the field. I’ve met Tobias before, he was playing with Molly from day 275. Tobias is very excited, he’s a ball of energy, it takes quite a lot to tire him out! Tobias is a friendly boy and loves playing with other dogs!

Gorgeous Tobias!

Gorgeous Tobias!

Look at my ball!

Look at my ball!

Name: Tobias (Toby)

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Age: 5 months old

Favourite food: Chicken and rice

Favourite toy: His ball and anything that squeaks!

Favourite pastime: Climbing on the sofa and the bed! Toby has only just learnt how to climb on them and he’s very happy about it! He feels that he’s made a real achievement and waits for a treat!

Year of the Dog Day 285

I was on my way from the train station to work today when I noticed a really cute Jack Russell so I went over to meet her. Coco is a lovely girl, she very friendly and likes to have a fuss made of her! Coco is quite small as she’s toy Jack Russell; she looks like a puppy! The human that Coco was with is looking after her for a week, she’s been spoilt going to pub with him getting lots of fuss from everyone! I think he’s going to miss her when she goes home.

Beautiful Coco!

Beautiful Coco!

Name: Coco

Breed: Toy Jack Russell

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Coco likes her treats and she also likes chips!

Favourite toy: A cuddly Lion

Favourite pastime: Looking pretty and getting lots of fuss!