Year of the Dog Day 285

I was on my way from the train station to work today when I noticed a really cute Jack Russell so I went over to meet her. Coco is a lovely girl, she very friendly and likes to have a fuss made of her! Coco is quite small as she’s toy Jack Russell; she looks like a puppy! The human that Coco was with is looking after her for a week, she’s been spoilt going to pub with him getting lots of fuss from everyone! I think he’s going to miss her when she goes home.

Beautiful Coco!

Beautiful Coco!

Name: Coco

Breed: Toy Jack Russell

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Coco likes her treats and she also likes chips!

Favourite toy: A cuddly Lion

Favourite pastime: Looking pretty and getting lots of fuss!


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