Year of the Dog Day 341

I travelled back from Edinburgh today; unfortunately the weather was terrible and so the train journey took an extra 3 hours! I wish there had been a dog on the train but there wasn’t! When  I finally I got back to Bolton I went  for a little walk in search of a dog. The weather was still terrible,  I wasn’t sure I would spot any dogs but finally I saw a brave women walking her gorgeous Chocolate Labrador so I went over to say hello. Toby is a very friendly boy, he loves everyone and he seemed very happy to see me, I gave him lots of strokes!


Handsome Toby!


Name: Toby

Breed: Chocolate Labrador

Age:  9 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Toby loves his soft toys, his current favourite is a cuddly Father Christmas

Favourite pastime: Walking and swimming!


Year of the Dog Day 334

The weather has been really terrible today; it’s rained so much! I wanted to go and search for a dog at lunchtime but it was pouring down and I didn’t think there would be many dogs about. By the time I got back to Bolton it had stopped raining but unfortunately it was getting dark. As it wasn’t pitch black I decided that I would pop to the park and I noticed two happy looking dogs in the distance so I went over to meet them. Oscar and Teddy were both very happy and excited, they haven’t known each other for long but they’re already good friends! It was pretty difficult to get them to stay still but finally I managed to get a picture of lovely Oscar, unfortunately the flash has made his eye’s look a bit funny!


Handsome Oscar!


Name: Oscar

Breed: Black Labrador

Age: 11 months old

Favourite food: Anything, he’s a Labrador!

Favourite toy: His ball!

Favourite pastime: Lying on the sofa on his back with everything on display; he has no shame!

Year of the Dog Day 331

I went for a walk to Saint Anne’s Square at lunchtime today in search of a dog and I was really pleased when I spotted a gorgeous trainee Guide Dog! Annie is a lovely girl, she very friendly and enthusiastic, I got to give her a little stroke! Annie has been chosen to become a breeding dog, I imagine she would have the most beautiful puppies! This is the first time that Annie’s humans have done puppy walking; they are a bit nervous about her going, especially her human siblings but fortunately they’ll get to spend Christmas with her!


Beautiful Annie!



Name: Annie

Breed: Golden Labrador

Age: 11 months old

Job: Trainee Guide Dog

Favourite food: Annie has a special Guide Dog diet

Favourite toy: Cuddly Dragon! Annie destroys all squeaky toys!

Favourite pastime: Relaxing in front of the fire and eating food; she is a Labrador!

Year of the Dog Day 305

I can’t believe it’s November, only 2 months to go!

I went round to my parents this afternoon with most of the family. We all decided to go for a walk to the playground so I knew I’d spot a dog on the way! It’s didn’t take long before we bumped into 3 people with 4 dogs so I asked them if one of them could be my dog of the day. We decided to make brother and sister Molly and Eddy my dogs of the day. They are a lovely pair and get on really well, Eddy can be quite protective of his sister! They both wag their tails in unison together, how cute is that! Eddy leaned into my legs so that I could give him a stroke! They’re a friendly pair!

Gorgeous Molly and Eddy!

Gorgeous Molly and Eddy!

Name: Molly

Breed: Black Labrador

Age: 8 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Sunday dinners, chicken and fruit!

Favourite toy: Molly doesn’t play with toys!

Favourite pastime: Going for walks!

Name: Eddy

Breed: Black Labrador

Age: 8 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Sunday dinners, chicken and fruit!

Favourite toy: Baby rag doll

Favourite pastime: Going for walks

Year of the Dog Day 303

I left work a bit earlier today so I ended up going to Deansgate station to get my train home. I was hoping that I would spot a dog at the train station and I was really in luck; as soon as I got on the platform I saw a beautiful assistance dog. Crumble was bred by the Guide Dog Assistance and was then trained by Support Dogs in Sheffield. Crumble has been with her human daddy for 18 months, they already clearly love each other! Crumble assists her human to pick things up, open/ close doors, takes off his coat, gets his medication and is trained to bark for help. What a great job Crumble does, dogs really are amazing. Crumble is her human’s second assistance dog, his previous dog was a Springer Spaniel that he had for 14 years.

Beautiful Crumble!

Beautiful Crumble!

Name: Crumble

Breed: Labrador and Retriever cross

Favourite food: Crumble is on a special diet but she especially likes treats!

Favourite toy: Crumble doesn’t play with toys

Favourite pastime: Walking in the park and being with her human, she’s with him 24/7!

Year of the Dog Day 272

I popped to the park this afternoon on way to pick up Ethan from nursery. Despite the weather being beautiful it was pretty quiet in the park but then I spotted a Golden Labrador in the field. Ben is a lovely, friendly boy, he walked round me about 5 times when I first went over, making sure I was giving him lots of strokes! It was quite difficult to get a photo of Ben at first as he kept coming up to me for more strokes! Ben was enjoying playing with his golf ball whilst I was with him!

Handsome Ben!

Handsome Ben!

Name: Ben

Breed: Golden Labrador

Age: 6 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Chicken! Ben loves food!

Favourite toy: Ben will play with anything!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping

Year of the Dog Day 266

It was a bit rainy this afternoon so I waited until it was just drizzling  a little bit and myself, Ethan, my mum and my dad went for a walk. It was pretty quiet about but eventually I spotted a very handsome Chocolate Labrador called Rolo. Rolo is a very friendly boy, myself and Ethan got to give him a fuss! He’s really good with kids, his human have two nieces and he lets them clamber all over him!

Handsome Rolo!

Handsome Rolo!

Name: Rolo

Breed: Chocolate Labrador

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Rolo isn’t fussy about food, he likes it all but he especially likes sausages!

Favourite toy: A Scooby Doo cuddly toy. He likes to chew and cuddle it but he also likes to hump it too!

Favourite pastime: Running and swimming!

Year of the Dog Day 261

I gave my friend a lift home from the train station today and just I was parked up I spotted a man walking two lovely dogs. When I started talking to him I realised that I recognised him and one of the dogs; it was beautiful Daisy from Day 88. They lost another dog last year and they waited a few months until they got another one and beautiful Ebony came to live with them. Ebony is such an excited happy girl, she’s got a lovely big smile! Her and Daisy get on well despite Ebony always stealing her ball!

Beautiful Ebony!

Beautiful Ebony!

Name: Ebony

Breed: Labrador and Border Collie Cross

Age: 9 months old

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Ebony has had lots of toys which she rips apart. They have discovered that her favourite thing to play with is a rolled up ball of socks which she likes to chew and tug!

Favourite pastime: Playing!

Year of the Dog Day 256

I went for a walk with Ethan and my parents down today. As soon as I got to the bottom of the street I noticed two lovely dogs, a Black Labrador and a French Bulldog. Because I was too busy looking at the dogs I didn’t realise straight away that I actually know the dogs humans; I went to the same primary school and secondary school as Sarah! I started taking pictures of Beautiful Mia but then her human mummy realised that she’s already been on the blog, she was her human daddy at the time! Mia was dog of the day on Day 105 so today’s dog of the day is handsome Rudy. Rudy is a friendly boy and I got to give him a good stoke. Rudy loves kids and really enjoys playing with his human cousins! Rudy and Mia are best friends, they spend lots of time together and they love playing with each other! Rudy also knows gorgeous Bentley from Day 99! I couldn’t decide on a photo so I’ve put two up!

Handsome Rudy!

Handsome Rudy!


Name : Rudy

Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 1 year old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Rudy loves tennis balls. He really loves chewing them, they only last about a day! Ruth, Bentley human mummy suggested that they try a Kong ball!

Favourite pastime: Playing with Mia, children and balls!

Year of the Dog Day 232

I meant to go out at lunchtime today to search for a dog but I didn’t get chance. I planned to pop to the park on the way home from work but then I spotted a trainee Guide Dog in the Historic Reading Room in work, I was very happy! Percy is a lovely friendly boy, he’s very chilled out and I got to give him a stroke! Percy starts his Guide Dog training next month, I bet he’ll be great. Percy has lived with his foster human since he was 7 weeks old. They’re going to miss him loads but they’re really glad that he’s going to do an amazing job and will make a real difference to some ones life. They would definitely do it again! Percy has 10 brothers and sisters and the are all training to be Guide Dogs.

I couldn’t decide which photo I liked the best so I’ve added a few!

Handsome Percy!

Handsome Percy!



Name: Percy

Breed: Yellow Labrador

Age: 13 months old

Job: Guide Dog

Favourite food: Percy eats a specialist diet

Favourite toy: A hard bone chew toy

Favourite pastime: Playing tug! Percy also enjoys going on the train to Manchester (Percy lives in Buxton).

Year of the Dog Day 193

I was in work today so I went for a little walk at lunchtime and it didn’t take long before I spotted a very happy Black Labrador walking down Deansgate. Aurora is a very beautiful and excited girl, she’s also very friendly, I got a little kiss off her! Look at her beautiful smile! She’s named after Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights.

Beautiful Aurora!

Beautiful Aurora!

Name: Aurora

Breed: Black Labrador

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Everything! Like most Labradors Aurora loves food! She especially likes lamb.

Favourite toy: Labbie a Labrador soft toy. Aurora like to carry it around with her. She has lots of soft toys. Whenever someone comes to the front door she grabs one of her toys and takes it with her to greet the visitors!

Favourite pastime: Swimming. Aurora will swim at every opportunity she gets! She lives near a river so she swims most days!

Year of the Dog Day 188

I had no luck at spotting a dog at dinnertime today so I planned to go for a little walk near nursery before I picked Ethan up. Unfortunately The train was delayed so I didn’t have time, I had to wait until my husband got home from work. I went to the usual park and I spotted an extremely excited Black Labrador who was literally jumping for joy! She bounced the whole time I was with her, such a lovely girl!

Beautiful happy Ace!

Beautiful happy Ace!

Name: Ace (named after the ace of spades!)

Breed: Black Labrador

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Sardines. Ace will leave a bowl of dog food but will wolf down sardines!

Favourite toy: Ace doesn’t play with toys

Favourite pastime: Going for a walk. Ace also loves swimming.

Year of the Dog Day 181

I wanted to go out at lunchtime today to find a dog as I had plans tonight, but I didn’t end up having time! I hoped I would have chance as I arrived to nursery but unfortunately my train was cancelled and the next one delayed so I didn’t have time!

Myself and my friends Jen and Rebecca went climbing tonight. We were all had on our dog spotting eyes on the way there but unfortunately didn’t see any! We didn’t leave the climbing centre until 9.30pm so I thought I might struggle to find a dog. Fortunately my friend Rebecca has a dog so we popped round to her house on the way home, thank you Rebecca! This is the first time that I’ve met Tyler, she’s beautiful! She was very excited to see us all, her tail wagged the whole time and she didn’t stop smiling! She’s a very clever girl and can do many tricks, she was also very good posing for her photos!

I’ve now made it to 6 months for my blog, just another 6 to go!

Beautiful Tyler!

Beautiful Tyler!

Name: Tyler Wyler Woo Woo

Breed: Patterdale Terrier, Black Labrador and Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross

Age: 12 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Cheese

Favourite toy: Plastic bottles and a piece of wood!

Favourite pastime: Hunting for rats!

Year ofthe Dog Day 180

I went to Jodrell Bank today and I hoped I might see a dog there but unfortunately they can’t have dogs in the grounds! On the way home I stopped off at the usual park and spotted a couple getting 3 dogs out of their car so I went over to say hello. I decided to take a photo of just one of the dogs as I hope I might see them all again! Woody was the first of the dogs to come up and say hello so I’ve made him my dog of the day! Woody is a very friendly Yellow Labrador, what a lovely boy! He gets on very well with his 2 dog housemates Tarka who is 17 years old and Molly.

Handsome Woody!

Handsome Woody!

Name: Woody

Breed: Yellow Labrador

Age: 7 years old (human years)

Favourite food: All food! Woody will eat anything! He especially enjoys eating fruit!

Favourite toy: Ball

Favourite pastime: Being out and about, chasing his ball and swimming!

Year of the Dog Day 164

I’m currently on holiday in Dorset and I’m very excited about all of the dogs I’m going to see! I wonder if I’ll see different breeds; is there a North/ South doggy divide?!

I went into Weymouth today and pretty much as soon as I walked into the town centre I spotted a really handsome looking dog. I met gorgeous Derek, what a friendly boy he is! I got to have a little bit of a cuddle with him, he’s very nice! Derek is a Labradoodle. His mum is a Fox Red Labrador which you can see from the lovely colour of his coat and his dad is a Miniature Poodle; I’m not really sure how that worked! Derek has a doggy passport and travels to France regularly, lucky boy!


Smiley boy!

Smiley boy!

Name: Derek

Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 22 months old

Favourite food: Sausages!

Favourite toy: Derek doesn’t really play with toys!

Favourite pastime: Walking! Derek walks 5 miles every morning and then 3 miles every night! Derek also loves swimming!

Year of the Dog Day 148

I didn’t have time to go out at lunch time today so I popped to the park after work. At first there was no one about, I thought I’d have to go to another park but then  fortunately I spotted a beautiful Chocolate Labrador. Keaney was very friendly and smiley, I got to give her a good stroke!

Beautiful Keaney!

Beautiful Keaney!

Name: Keaney

Breed: Chocolate Labrador

Age: 8 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Everything!

Favourite toy: Football!

Favourite pastime: Swimming!

Year of the Dog Day 140

I had the day off today so again I went for a walk with Ethan and my parents. I soon as I stepped out of my parents house I spotted beautiful Poppy a Chocolate Labrador. Poppy lives on the same street as my parents so I’ve met her before; she’s a really friendly and happy girl! She made sure she said hello to all of the family. She was really good with Ethan and let him tickle her! Poppy has two human sisters and they all love each other very much! She recently entered a dog show contest for the dog with the waggiest tail but she kept sitting down when the judges came to meet her! Her human sister was very upset that she didn’t win!

Beautiful Poppy!

Beautiful Poppy!

Name: Poppy

Breed: Chocolate Labrador

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Poppy loves licking the leftovers from the kids yoghurt pots!

Favourite toy: Soft toy polar bear. Poppy likes to carry it round and cuddles into it at night!

Favourite pastime: Fetching sticks! She could fetch sticks for hours! Every day she collects a new stick from her walk and lines it up with her other ones in the front garden!

Year of the Dog Day 132

I went for a little walk at lunch time but didn’t spot any dogs so I went for a walk before I picked up Ethan from nursery. I got my exercise in today walking up a steep hill to the park! When I got to the top of the hill I spotted a very happy and active dog! Nell was very happy chasing her ball, she really loves it! We used the ball to get her to pose for me! Nell lives with her human sister Isla who’s only 9 months old!

Lovely Nell!

Lovely Nell!

Name: Nell

Breed: Border Collie and Labrador cross

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Bread and Mexican food!

Favourite toy: Her ball!

Favourite pastime: Chasing her ball; she really loves it!

Year of the Dog Day 112

I went for a little walk with my mum, dad and Ethan this afternoon a came across a very lovely Black Labrador called Rosie. Rosie is very friendly and didn’t stop smiling, what an absolutely lovely dog! Ethan was also very keen on her!

Beautiful Rosie!

Beautiful Rosie!

Name: Rosie

Breed: Black Labrador

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Apples

Favourite toy: Squeaky bone

Favourite pastime: Eating sticks!

Year of the Dog Day 105

It was my day off today so I knew I wouldn’t have too much trouble finding a dog! I went to visit my parents and we all wet for a little walk. We then spotted a very beautiful and friendly Black Labrador called Mia. I think that Mia is one of the friendliest dogs I’ve ever met! She came up to all of us to say hello with a big smile on her face; she’s a gorgeous dog! Mia is best friends with a French Bulldog called Rudy. They hang out with each other most nights and they both sulk if they don’t see each other, how cute! Mia is also friends with the lovely Bentley from day 99!

Beautiful friendly Mia!

Beautiful friendly Mia!

Name: Mia

Breed: Black Labrador

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything! Mia is currently on a diet though which she’s not happy about!

Favourite toy: Squeaky pig

Favourite pastime: Eating!