Year of the Dog Day 140

I had the day off today so again I went for a walk with Ethan and my parents. I soon as I stepped out of my parents house I spotted beautiful Poppy a Chocolate Labrador. Poppy lives on the same street as my parents so I’ve met her before; she’s a really friendly and happy girl! She made sure she said hello to all of the family. She was really good with Ethan and let him tickle her! Poppy has two human sisters and they all love each other very much! She recently entered a dog show contest for the dog with the waggiest tail but she kept sitting down when the judges came to meet her! Her human sister was very upset that she didn’t win!

Beautiful Poppy!

Beautiful Poppy!

Name: Poppy

Breed: Chocolate Labrador

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Poppy loves licking the leftovers from the kids yoghurt pots!

Favourite toy: Soft toy polar bear. Poppy likes to carry it round and cuddles into it at night!

Favourite pastime: Fetching sticks! She could fetch sticks for hours! Every day she collects a new stick from her walk and lines it up with her other ones in the front garden!


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