Year of the Dog Day 353

I popped out at lunchtime today and as soon as I walked out of the door I spotted a very cute little dog so I went over to say hello. Beauty is  lovely girl, she very calm but also very friendly and happy. I gave her a good fuss, she was very keen to say hello! Beauty sadly lost her dog brother earlier this year, she was very upset after he died but she has now started to come out of herself a bit more. She’s a very sweet dog.


Gorgeous Beauty!


Name: Beauty

Breed: Poodle and Bichon Frise Cross (Poochon)

Age: 7 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Pedigree Chum with gravy; she wolfs it down!

Favourite toy: Beauty used to share a teddy with her doggy brother

Favourite pastime: Beauty loves spending time with people!


Year of the Dog Day 293

I had to go to a meeting on the other side of Manchester today so I hoped I would see a dog on the way there, I was in luck. I spotted a cute little dog across the road so I went over to say hello. I met gorgeous Ted a Westiepoo; I’ve never met one before, what a cutie he is!

Gorgeous Ted!

Gorgeous Ted!

Name: Ted

Breed: Westiepoo (West Highland Terrier and Poodle cross)

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Treats!

Favourite toy: Fox tail squeaky toy!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping!

Year of the Dog Day 192

I went to Moss Bank Park today for some dog spotting! It was just starting to rain so I was really pleased that I spotted 2 very excited looking dogs running in the field. Bracken and Piper are both very cute and very active! It was almost impossible to get a picture of Bracken as she would only stay still for a few moments at a time, as soon as I got the camera near her she would jump in the air and run off again! They are both very excited dogs, they both love running around, chasing the ball and jumping in the air! I couldn’t manage getting a picture of the two of them together I’m afraid (Bracken is in the background of Piper’s picture though, along with a giant inflatable gorilla!).

Beautiful Bracken!

Beautiful Bracken!

Name: Bracken

Breed: Springer Spaniel

Age: 2 years old (human years). Bracken will be 3 in August.

Favourite food: Heights Farm Dog Food. It’s a locally produced premium  hypoallergenic dog food

Favourite Toy: Squeaky toys, balls, socks and shoes!

Favourite pastime: Day out on the beach swimming!

Gorgeous Piper!

Gorgeous Piper!

Name: Piper

Breed: Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel and Poodle cross)

Age: 9 months old

Favourite food: Heights Farm Dog Food. It’s a locally produced premium  hypoallergenic dog food

Favourite toy: Squeaky toys, balls, socks and shoes!

Favourite pastime: Piper has just discovered rabbits and squirrels which she likes to chase!

Year of the Dog Day 62

I was very lucky today. I was walking back from a meeting with my colleague when I spotted a lovely dog across the road on Deansgate in Manchester so I crossed the road to say hello! I met very handsome Barney, he’s soooo friendly, he enjoyed lots of strokes! Barney loves people but isn’t a big fan of cats! Barney has done some marathon training with his human dad, he can run 11 miles!

Gorgeous friendly Barney!

Gorgeous friendly Barney!

Name: Barney

Breed: Cavoodle (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle Cross)

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Duck strips

Favourite toy: A soft toy duck which has no stuffing left in it!

Favourite pastime: Barney loves paddling in the sea. He likes taking a tennis ball in with him and then drop it in a wave and paw it up and down to make it bob!

Year of the Dog Day 44

The weather is really miserable today, drizzly rain! I didn’t fancy walking round for ages in the rain looking for a dog so I popped into Pets at Home when I got back to Bolton. There were a couple of dogs in the grooming parlour but they weren’t with their owners so I couldn’t take a picture of them. Just as I walked outside of the shop I noticed a lady getting in to a car with a little dog in it so I went over to say hello! I met Missy a very cute Jackadoodle! She was very friendly but a little camera-shy so it was pretty difficult to get a picture of her!

Cute Missy

Cute Missy

Name: Missy

Breed: Jackadoodle (Jack Russell and Poodle cross)

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Missy will eat anything but especially likes chicken!

Favourite toy: A toy dog which is the same size as her! (I bet she looks really cute when she’s playing with her dog)

Favourite pastime: Riding in the car

Year of the Dog Day 37

I found a dog nice and early today! I was walking to Salford Museum when I spotted a very happy Labradoodle called Bella. Although she’s six she was still as lively and excited as a puppy! Bella is a very well-travelled dog, she’s been to Australia and Singapore!

Happy Bella!

Happy Bella!

Name: Bella

Breed: Labradoodle

Age: Six years old (human years)

Favourite food: Sardines

Favourite toy: Squeaky squirrel

Favourite pastime: Running on the beach!

Year of the Dog Day 27

Another day in work so I went for a little walk at lunchtime on the dog lookout! I did spot a dog, the very lovely Prince from Day 22! I gave him a little fuss, he’s so lovely but I can’t have him as my dog of the day again! I didn’t spot any more dogs and so went for a little walk just after I parked up at nursery. I didn’t get very far when a spotted a very cute Poodle called Poppy. She was very sweet but unfortunately the picture isn’t the best! I’m finding it very difficult to get good quality images in the dark; I can’t wait for the spring to come!

Cute Poppy

Name: Poppy

Breed: miniature Poodle

Age:6 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Treats and cheese!

Favourite toy: A pale blue Poodle toy. It’s five years old and still going!

Favourite pastime: Playing with her ball