Year of the Dog Day 22

I’m very happy today! I’ve worked late tonight so I was really hoping I’d find a dog during my lunchtime as it would be way too late after work! I went to Saint Anne’s square and then to the Cathedral but no dogs! My next stop was the park that I met the lovely Teazle in but still nothing. From there I went a slightly longer way back to work and struck gold again! Across the street a noticed 4 little paws. I started running and as I got nearer I realised it was a French Bulldog puppy, soooooo happy! The very cute Prince is very friendly and his owner was very happy to tell me all about him, he loves him loads! I also got to have a little hug with Prince who showered me with kisses! Every day I hope I can hold a puppy; dreams do come true!

Very cute Prince!

Very cute Prince!

Name: Prince

Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 5 months old

Favourite toy: His owners shoes!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping and playing!


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