Year of the Dog: Italian Spinone

I went to Emmaus in Bolton the other day with Ethan, my friend and her kids. We hadn’t been there long when we spotted a really excited puppy! I wasn’t sure what breed the beautiful puppy was but it turns out he’s an Italian Spinone, what a handsome boy! Alfie is only 11 weeks old but he’s already getting big! I l looked up the breed when I home and they grow to a good size. Alfie was very happy to see us, he was very excited and loved playing with Ethan and his pal Stanley. He also really enjoyed eating stones, his human mummy has to spend lots of her time taking stone out of his mouth! Alfie gets to go work with his humans which is great, he also shares an office with a parrot!

Alfie Spinone

Gorgeous Alfie!


Alfie Spinone 2

Name: Alfie

Breed: Italian Spinone

Age: 11 weeks old

Favourite food: Raw meat and stones!

Favourite toy: His squeaky toys which he’s now broken! The parrot now imitates the squeak though!

Favourite pastime: Eating everything and sleeping!


Year of the Dog Day 360

The weather has been awful today! I finally spotted a break in the rain I went for a little walk down the street with my dad and niece. It was quiet about but eventually we spotted a really cute little Schnauzer! Lexi is very sweet but she’s a little shy; I got to give her a good stroke though! Lexi lives with 3 cats, she likes to play with them but they’re not too keen!


Lovely Lexi!


Name: Lexi

Breed: Schnauzer

Age: 1 year old (human years). Lexi will be 2 in February.

Favourite food: Lexi is on a raw food diet, she eats Natures Menu.

Favourite toy: Cuddly monkey. The monkey has really long legs and arms which Lexi likes to play tug of war with! The monkey has unfortunately lost one of its legs!

Favourite pastime: Walking, playing tug of war and sitting at the window watching the world go by!

Year of the Dog Day 359

Merry Christmas! I’m typing up my blog now before I get too tipsy!

I had to pick up my parents today to bring them round for Christmas dinner and I spotted a very cute dog on the way! I pulled in and ran after handsome Toby, a Staffie and Labrador Cross. Toby is a friendly boy and he’s very cute, I gave him a good stroke! Toby is a rescue dog from Bolton Destitute Animal Statuary. He was found tied up outside the statuary one Christmas; he’s lived with is current human for 5 years!


Handsome Toby!


Name: Toby

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Labrador Cross

Age: 10 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Chicken treats!

Favourite toy: Teddy which he likes to chew!

Favourite pastime: Walking and going for a run!

Year of the Dog Day 358

I popped to the park this morning to spot a dog! It was quiet about but eventually I spotted a man walking 3 lovely dogs! Peppa the Pug, Daisy the Staffie and Eddy the Border Terrier, a lovely trio, very cute! They all get on really well with each other, they’re best friends! I decided to make Peppa my Dog of the Day, she’s a real cutie, look at that little tongue, it’s always sticking out! It was tricky to get a picture of Peppea as she kept coming up to me more strokes!


Beautiful Peppa!



Name: Peppa

Breed: Pug

Age: 7 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Any food! Peppa steals the other dogs food!

Favourite toy: Peppa isn’t really bothered about toys!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping!

Year f the Dog Day 357

Me and Ethan popped to the park this morning. We had a little walk round when we arrived but it very quiet about so we went to the playground for a play. We then went for another little walk round and spotted a man walking a very cute Schnauzer. Ethan really liked Seth the Schnauzer’s beard, he said it was like his dads! Seth is very cute, he’s 11 years old which I was really surprised about, he seems much younger! Seth loves his human mummy, he’s a real mummy’s boy, very sweet!


Handsome Seth!


Name: Seth

Breed: Schnauzer

Age: 11 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Bakers!

Favourite toy: A chewy rabbit which he loves to play with!

Favourite pastime: Walking!

Year of the Dog Day 356

I had to walk to the other side of Manchester today and on my way back to the train station I spotted a very cute puppy tied up outside a shop. I went over to say hello, she was very cute and friendly; I gave her a good fuss but unfortunately I couldn’t spot her owner in the shop so I carried on!

Once I got back to Bolton I spotted a lady walking two dogs so I pulled over in the car to jump out and say hello! I made beautiful Roxy an American Akita my dog of the day. Roxy is very sweet and I gave her a little stroke. Unfortunately Roxy is a little poorly at the moment, she has just been diagnosed with  Volt-Koyanagi-Harada’s Disease, better known as VKH-Like Syndrome (VKH) which is an auto-immune disease. Roxy s currently on steroids which have made her a little subdued. Unfortunately Roxy will have this disease for the rest of her life but they should be able to get her medication levels under control soon. Roxy loves her doggy housemate, they’re best friends!


Beautiful Roxy!


Name: Roxy

Breed: American Akita

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite toy: Teddy which she likes to cuddle!

Favourite pastime: Walking and sleeping!

Year of the Dog Day 355

I went out at lunchtime today but there were no dogs to be seen! It was really dark by the time I got back to Bolton and it seemed really quiet about so I decided to ask my dad to come with me and knock on one of his neighbours doors to see if I could take a picture of one of their dogs! Ozzy is little boisterous so we decided we would be better off taking a picture of Iggy. Iggy is very cute, but he’s also very shy, I did get to give him a little stroke though! Unfortunately I didn’t get the best photo, it definitely doesn’t do justice to how cute Iggy is!

iggy retouched

Cute Iggy!


Name: Iggy

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Age: 10 months old

Favourite food: Anything! Iggy especially loves pasta and tries to steal it off his humans!

Favourite toy: Iggy has lots of toys but his favourite is a ball!

Favourite pastime: Pinching socks!

Year of the Dog Day 354

Myself, Ethan and Tim went for a little walk to the park this afternoon. We didn’t get far when we spotted a really cute Bichon Frise. Millie is a really friendly girl, we got to give her a good stroke! Millie is very lucky and still gets to see her dog sister Daisy who lives with her humans auntie; they’re really good friends and Daisy even goes over to Millie’s house for sleepovers, how sweet!


Beautiful Millie!


Name: Millie

Breed: Bichon Frise

Age: 7 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Millie loves food and she especially loves crab sticks!

Favourite toy: Grey elephant soft toy which she likes to cuddle! She also takes it to her human mummy when she’s excited!

Favourite pastime: Sitting on the window ledge waiting for the postman! Millie also loves sleeping!

Year of the Dog Day 352

I popped to the park this morning and as soon as I arrived I saw gorgeous Ozzy from day 336, he’s such a happy boy! I then spotted a very excited Springer Spaniel so I went over to say hello! Bonzo was out for a walk with his human dad and brother, he was very excited! Bonzo had just been swimming in the river, he loves it. Bonzo loves his human brother, they’re best friends!


Handsome Bonzo!



Name: Bonzo

Breed: Springer Spaniel

Age: 1 year old (human years). Bonzo will be 2 on the 28th Dec.

Favourite food: Cheese

Favourite toy: Tennis balls

Favourite pastime: Swimming and getting muddy!

Year of the Dog Day 349

I went out at lunchtime today but I didn’t see any dogs about, just loads of people! When I got to Ethan’s nursery I had a quick walk around the block but again no dogs so I had to wait for Tim to get back from work. I headed out into the damp dark night! I didn’t get far when I spotted a dog on the other side of the road so I ran over to say hello but as I got closer I realised it was handsome Buddy from Day 317! I told Buddy’s human that I was on the look out for a dog and she mentioned that her friend lived close by who has a Dogue De Bordeaux so we headed round to say hello!

Izzy is amazing, what a happy, friendly girl! It’s no secret, I love Dogue De Bordeaux’s, all the ones I’ve every met have had such lovely personalities, so smiley, excited and friendly! I gave Izzy lots of fuss, she especially likes having behind her ears stroked! She lent into me so I could give her a good stroke and a cuddle and she didn’t stop smiling the whole time! Izzy is best friends with Buddy, they love each other so much and play all the time. Buddy made sure he gave Izzy plenty of kisses!


Beautiful Izzy!



Name: Izzy

Breed: Dogue De Bordeaux

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Ham

Favourite toy: Buddy!

Favourite pastime: Jumping in the river to  a swim!

Year of the Dog Day 348

I had the day off today so me and Ethan popped to the park this morning to look for a dog. We spotted a very cute and excited Jack Russell so we went over to say hello! As we were talking to Jackson his doggy friend Jake also came to say hello so I decided to make them both my dogs of the day. Between Jackson and Jake’s humans they have 11 dogs! Jackson lives with 5 other dogs and Jake lives with 4; they’re all rescue dogs! Both of the dogs humans work at a vets and both have taken some of the homeless dogs that have brought in, what good people.

Jackson was brought into the vets after he had been ran over. His previous owner was an elderly lady and she couldn’t cope with him after his accident so his current human took him home! He’s a very excited dog, his previous owner didn’t take him out much so he’s making up for lost time! Jackson loves other dogs and people and wants to say hello to everyone!

Jake was brought into the vets as a stray. He’s a lovely boy, he’s quite chilled and he likes a fuss; he looked right into my eyes to say hello! Jake really loves swimming and his human said that it’s made his fur lovely and soft!


Handsome Jackson!


Name: Jackson

Breed: Jack Russell and Chihuahua Cross

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything! He’ll steal any food that’s left out. He also enjoys a good brew!

Favourite toy: Jackson doesn’t play with toys!

Favourite pastime: Walking!


Name: Jake

Breed: Mastiff Cross

Age: 6 years old (human years)

Favourite food: All food! Jake also enjoys a brew!

Favourite toy: Kong with peanut butter!

Favourite pastime: Swimming!

Year of the Dog Day 345

I had to walk down Deansgate today but there weren’t any dogs about. I hoped I’d see one on the way to the train station but I didn’t! Fortunately as soon as  parked up near nursery I spotted a very cute Jack Russell so I ran over to say hello! Holly has a very waggy tail!  Holly is rescue dog so she can be a bit nervous around new people but I did get to give her a stroke! Holly is from Leigh Cats and Dogs home she went to live her humans when she was 4 years old.


Cute Holly!


Name: Holly

Breed: Jack Russell

Age: 6 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Everything!

Favourite toy: Balls!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping!

Year of the Dog Day 343

I went for a walk at lunchtime today but unfortunately I didn’t spot any dogs! It’s dark now by the time I leave work so I decided to message my friend Sabrina to see if I could go round to her house and take a picture of her dog, so I popped round this evening. Amber is a really beautiful Labradoodle but she is very nervous of new people so she wasn’t keen on having her picture taken. Fortunately as Sabrina thought it might be difficult to get a picture of Amber she had already enlisted her dad (who happens to be my former maths teacher) to come round with his very handsome Red Setter!

Duke is a very friendly boy, I don’t think he stops smiling! Duke is the first Red Setter that I’ve had on the blog so I was very happy to meet him. Duke is a rescue dog from Irish Setter Rescue; he was 9 months old when he came to live with his humans. Duke has a sensitive stomach which is why they think he ended up in a rescue centre. Duke loves having a fuss and wants to make friends with any human or dog; he’s best friends with Amber! He likes to lean into people for a good stroke; he also thinks he’s smaller than he is and sits on his humans! Duke’s human niece and nephew are very excited that their Uncle Duke is going to be on the blog!


Handsome Duke!



I’m a lap dog don’t you know!


Name: Duke

Breed: Red Setter

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Duke can only eat James Wellbeloved because of his sensitive tummy.

Favourite toy: His bedding! Duke likes to carry it around!

Favourite pastime: Lying down and going to sleep!

Year of the Dog Day 341

I travelled back from Edinburgh today; unfortunately the weather was terrible and so the train journey took an extra 3 hours! I wish there had been a dog on the train but there wasn’t! When  I finally I got back to Bolton I went  for a little walk in search of a dog. The weather was still terrible,  I wasn’t sure I would spot any dogs but finally I saw a brave women walking her gorgeous Chocolate Labrador so I went over to say hello. Toby is a very friendly boy, he loves everyone and he seemed very happy to see me, I gave him lots of strokes!


Handsome Toby!


Name: Toby

Breed: Chocolate Labrador

Age:  9 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Toby loves his soft toys, his current favourite is a cuddly Father Christmas

Favourite pastime: Walking and swimming!

Year of the Dog Day 336

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to comment yesterday that I’m now in my last month! To be honest I’m amazed that I’ve made it so far!

Myself and Ethan popped to the park this morning, Ethan was a good boy and came to look for a dog before we headed to the swings! Almost straight away we spotted a really excited Westie, he was playing fetch and was very happy about it; he even let Ethan throw he ball for him! Ozzy has a lovely kind face, he’s very smiley. Ozzy’s humans got him when he was a puppy, they said he was all ears! Ozzy loves sitting on the sofa next to his human mummy whilst she does her knitting!


Handsome Ozzy!


Name: Ozzy

Breed: West Highland Terrier

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Pedigree Chum

Favourite toy: His ball!

Favourite pastime: Going for walks!

Year of the Dog Day 335

I went for a lunchtime today, I was pleased it wasn’t raining! I walked down Deansgate and I was really surprised when I spotted a very handsome Kerry Blue Terrier who wasn’t one of the ones I’ve seen before! Murphey is now the 4th Kerry Blue I’ve met this year and all of them have been in central Manchester; what are the odds! Murphey is a really friendly boy, he gave me lots of kisses! Murphey would like to be friends with the whole world, he said hello to all the passers by. He’s also a very chatty boy!


Handsome Murphey!



Name: Murphey

Breed: Kerry Blue Terrier

Age: 1 year old (human years)

Favourite food: Tuna, he really loves it and wants it every day!

Favourite toy: Anything that squeaks but they only last for a matter of minutes!

Favourite pastime: Chasing golf balls and crows!

Year of the Dog Day 333

I’m working today so I popped to the park on my way to work; I’m lucky that I start work slightly later on a Sunday so it was light by the time I got out! Fortunately it wasn’t raining this morning, I think it might pour down this afternoon. As soon as I got to the park I spotted a really cute little dog so I went over to say hello. Danny is a cross between a Jack Russell and a English Bull Terrier, he’s a very cute combo! Danny is a rescue dog, his current human took him off someone that was mistreating him, this had made Danny a little bit nervous; he’s especially nervous of female dogs.

Handsome Danny!

Name: Danny
Breed: Jack Russell and English Bull Terrier cross
Age: 13 years old (human years)
Favourite food: Anything his humans are eating!
Favourite toy: Dried bone chews, he loves giving them a good chew!
Favourite pastime: Walking and sniffing!

Year of the Dog Day 330

I had the day off again today so I headed to the park in the morning. I didn’t even have to go as far as the park when I spotted a gorgeous Jack Russell. Enty is a lovely dog, I gave him a good stroke, he’s very friendly! Enty is an old boy now, he’s 15 years old. Enty didn’t have the best start to his life, he was rescued by the Bolton Destitute animal centre  when he was in a bad way; he didn’t have any fur. Enty’s humans took him home when he was 9 months old, at first he wouldn’t look at anyone but having a good loving home means that he now a really happy dog, he loves people and other dogs, especially big ones! Unfortunately Enty got attacked just over a year ago by another dog, he has a big scar across his face and the shock of the attack has meant that Enty is now deaf. Fortunately Enty hasn’t become scared of other dogs and still likes to have a play in the park! Enty’s humans decided to get a dog after one of them had had a serious illness; Enty has really helped to keep them active. Dogs are the best!


Handsome Enty!



Name: Enty

Breed: Parson’s Jack Russell

Age: 15 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Chicken!

Favourite toy: Enty has never played with toys

Favourite pastime: Going for a walk!

Year of the Dog Day 329

I popped to the park this morning and I spotted a lady walking two dogs up ahead. At first I couldn’t tell what breed they we were as they were too far ahead but as  got closer I realised that one of them was a English Bull Terrier; I was really pleased as I haven’t had one on my blog yet. All of the English Bull Terriers that I’ve ever met have been really lovely and Angus was no exception; what a friendly happy boy! I think Angus and his lovely dog step sister Inga didn’t stop smiling when I was with them, what a happy pair!


Handsome Angus!


Name: Angus

Breed: English Bull Terrier

Age: 6 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Any food!

Favourite toy: His rope. Angus loves playing tug of war with Inga, they’re best pals!

Favourite pastime: Walking and running about; Angus has a real spring in his step!

Year of the Dog Day 319

I’ve been very excited about today, I had arranged to go and meet Lottie a gorgeous Great Dane puppy! I met Lottie at the park a few weeks ago but I’d already found a dog that day so we arranged to meet up again. As soon as I arrived at Lottie’s house she gave me a very warm welcome, I gave her loads of strokes, she’s such a beautiful friendly girl. Lottie loves having cuddles and sitting on her humans knee having a fuss! She came and put her head on my knee a couple of times so I could give her a stroke! Lottie is only 18 weeks old but she’s already pretty big, although she still has her excess skin to grow into! Lottie’s human mummy told me that Lottie’s granddad is the biggest dog she’s every seen; maybe Lottie will grow that big! Lottie lives with 2 Siamese cats, Bow and Tye; she really likes them and sometimes tries to play with them but they’re not as keen! Lottie also has two human brothers.

Beautiful Lottie!

Beautiful Lottie!

Look at that gorgeous face!

Look at that gorgeous face!

Name: Lottie

Breed: Great Dane

Age: 18 weeks old

Favourite food: Kibble dog food with wafer thin chicken

Favourite toy: Squeaky pink bow!

Favourite pastime: Cuddles, ruff and tumble and then a sleep! Lottie also enjoys her bath which she has once a week.