Year of the Dog Day 355

I went out at lunchtime today but there were no dogs to be seen! It was really dark by the time I got back to Bolton and it seemed really quiet about so I decided to ask my dad to come with me and knock on one of his neighbours doors to see if I could take a picture of one of their dogs! Ozzy is little boisterous so we decided we would be better off taking a picture of Iggy. Iggy is very cute, but he’s also very shy, I did get to give him a little stroke though! Unfortunately I didn’t get the best photo, it definitely doesn’t do justice to how cute Iggy is!

iggy retouched

Cute Iggy!


Name: Iggy

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Age: 10 months old

Favourite food: Anything! Iggy especially loves pasta and tries to steal it off his humans!

Favourite toy: Iggy has lots of toys but his favourite is a ball!

Favourite pastime: Pinching socks!


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