Year of the Dog Day 354

Myself, Ethan and Tim went for a little walk to the park this afternoon. We didn’t get far when we spotted a really cute Bichon Frise. Millie is a really friendly girl, we got to give her a good stroke! Millie is very lucky and still gets to see her dog sister Daisy who lives with her humans auntie; they’re really good friends and Daisy even goes over to Millie’s house for sleepovers, how sweet!


Beautiful Millie!


Name: Millie

Breed: Bichon Frise

Age: 7 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Millie loves food and she especially loves crab sticks!

Favourite toy: Grey elephant soft toy which she likes to cuddle! She also takes it to her human mummy when she’s excited!

Favourite pastime: Sitting on the window ledge waiting for the postman! Millie also loves sleeping!


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