Year of the Dog Day 300

It’s day 300 today, can you believe it! It really feels like a bit of a milestone! As the nights are dark early now I’m going to try and make sure that I get out every lunchtime to search for a dog which I did today. I’d been walking for a while when I spotted a lovely smiley dog across the road so I went over to say hello. Millie is a Lurcher, she’s a lovely girl, so friendly with such a kind face! Millie is a rescue dog from Manchester and Cheshire Dogs home and she’s lived with her current human for 4 years. She was in a bad way when her human first got her but she’s a happy girl now! Millie lives on a barge with her human.

Beautiful Millie!

Beautiful Millie!

Name: Millie

Breed: Lurcher

Age: 11 years old (human years). Millie’s human isn’t 100% sure of her age due to her being a rescue dog.

Favourite food: Human food!

Favourite toy: Millie doesn’t play with toys

Favourite pastime: Running after rabbits!


Year of the Dog Day 201

I went to Chester Zoo today for Ethan’s’ birthday, we had a great day out! One of the animals we saw was a bush dog, I’ve never seen one before, they were mega cute, but not my dog of the day!

When I got back to Bolton I went to visit my parents and then went for a little walk down there street. I ended up seeing Loki from Day 128, Poppy from Day 140, Jack from Day 152 and Holly from Day 7. It was very nice to see them all but I was worried I wouldn’t spot any different dogs! I had to walk a little further than usual when I spotted a really smiley, friendly, beautiful dog. Tia was running with one of her dog sisters when she came over to say hello, she’s a very friendly girl! She had a big smile on her face the whole time I was with her, she has a lovely nature! Tia is a rescue dog. She had belonged to someone that ran a pub but they left her behind when they left. She was originally taken in by one of her humans neighbours but they had another dog that was picking on her so she went to live in her current home. Tia has 4 dog sisters, they were all having lots of fun together!

Beautiful Tia!

Beautiful Tia!

Name: Tia

Breed: Lurcher and Saluki Cross

Age: 9 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Balls, she like playing catch!

Favourite pastime: Walking, swimming and meeting people!

Year of the Dog Day 108

I was going out straight from work today so I really hoped that I’d see a dog in the day time. As it happened my luck was in! I was at the reception desk at work when I saw a man tie his dog up outside; my colleague asked me if they are delivering dogs to work for me now, I wish! I asked the owner if I could take his lovely dogs photo and he said yes! Alfie is very nice, such a friendly boy, I got to give him a good stroke! He’s so good that he doesn’t even mind if his ears get pulled by a toddler! Alfie is a rescue dog from Manchester Dogs Home.

Handsome Alfie!

Handsome Alfie!

Name: Alfie

Breed: Lurcher Cross

Age: 12 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Everything! He especially likes pork chops!

Favourite toy: Food!

Favourite pastime: Sleep!

Year of the Dog Day 60

Another day off so again I didn’t think I’d struggle to find a dog. I should have gone for a walk first thing as the weather was better but I had other things to get on with so I had to go out in the rain in the afternoon. I walked around the local park and spotted a man with a very handsome Lurcher so I went over to say hello.

Alfie the lovely Lurcher!

Alfie the lovely Lurcher!

Name: Alfie

Breed: Lurcher

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Dry food

Favourite toy: Anything that squeaks!

Favourite pastime: Going for a run. Alfie also enjoys chasing rabbits, squirrels and deer.