Year of the Dog Day 319

I’ve been very excited about today, I had arranged to go and meet Lottie a gorgeous Great Dane puppy! I met Lottie at the park a few weeks ago but I’d already found a dog that day so we arranged to meet up again. As soon as I arrived at Lottie’s house she gave me a very warm welcome, I gave her loads of strokes, she’s such a beautiful friendly girl. Lottie loves having cuddles and sitting on her humans knee having a fuss! She came and put her head on my knee a couple of times so I could give her a stroke! Lottie is only 18 weeks old but she’s already pretty big, although she still has her excess skin to grow into! Lottie’s human mummy told me that Lottie’s granddad is the biggest dog she’s every seen; maybe Lottie will grow that big! Lottie lives with 2 Siamese cats, Bow and Tye; she really likes them and sometimes tries to play with them but they’re not as keen! Lottie also has two human brothers.

Beautiful Lottie!

Beautiful Lottie!

Look at that gorgeous face!

Look at that gorgeous face!

Name: Lottie

Breed: Great Dane

Age: 18 weeks old

Favourite food: Kibble dog food with wafer thin chicken

Favourite toy: Squeaky pink bow!

Favourite pastime: Cuddles, ruff and tumble and then a sleep! Lottie also enjoys her bath which she has once a week.


Year of the Dog Day 151

I went out for lunch today and just as I finished eating I noticed a dog walking past. I ran out of the café in hot pursuit but as I got closer I realised that it was Angus from day 110! After I finished work I popped to the park but the only dog about was Millie from day 86! I gave her a big stoke, she’s so friendly! There were no other dogs about so I got back in the car to drive to another park but then I spotted a lady walking a big dog to the park so I parked up and went after them. I met very handsome Bruno a Bull Mastiff and Great Dane Cross. Bruno is a very smiley boy! Bruno is a rescue dog from Rochdale.

Handsome Bruno!

Handsome Bruno!

Name: Bruno

Breed: Bull Mastiff and Great Dane (German Mastiff) Cross

Age: 7 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Venison treat rolls

Favourite toy: Everything!

Favourite pastime: Walking!