Year of the Dog Day 145

I’m really lucky, I should have been working today but lovely Mitch who I work with swopped with me so that I could go to a dog show; thanks Mitch! I went to a dog show at Turton Tower, it was great, so many dogs in one place, living the dream! There were loads of dogs, I saw 3 Dogue De Bordeaux’s, a puppy Saint Bernard (words cannot describe how cute), an Old English Sheep Dog, a Flat Coated Retriever called Milo, 2 gorgeous French Bulldogs and many more; they were all amazing! In case you can’t tell it’s been a very exciting afternoon!

I spotted a gorgeous Boston Terrier; I absolutely adore Boston Terriers so I went over to say hello! Lenny is full of pizzazz, so much personality! Lenny is only small but he can jump really high, his human sisters were telling me all about his jumping escapades! The family have had to stop hanging up their coats downstairs because Lenny jumps up and chews the end of the zips; he’s destroyed a few coats that way! Lenny is a really friendly boy and wanted to say hello to all of the dogs that walked past!

Gorgeous Lenny!

Gorgeous Lenny!

Look at that smile!

Look at that smile!

Name: Lenny

Breed: Boston Terrier

Age: 10 months old

Favourite food: Chicken hearts!

Favourite toy: Tugger rope. Lenny also likes soft toys but he destroys them! All the kids toys are kept safely upstairs!

Favourite pastime: Walking, running, jumping and curling up to have a sleep!


Year of the Dog Day 143

We went for a little walk around the grounds of Gawthorpe Hall today and I spotted a very handsome Flat Coated Retriever. Max was rescued from RSPCA East Lancashire rescue centre when he was two years old. He’s a very friendly boy, he didn’t stop smiling the whole time! He also let Ethan give him a little stroke!

Handsome Max!

Handsome Max!

Name: Max

Breed: Flat Coated Retriever

Age: 10 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Carrots! He goes mad for them!

Favourite toy: Max doesn’t really play with toys! He likes playing tug though!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping