My Year of the Dog Challenge

I love dogs, I really love dogs! I’ve loved dogs all of my life, my first memory is even about a dog and disobeying my parents to stroke one! I’m told that even as a baby in the pram I would lean out to try to stroke any dog that walked past. Unfortunately though, I’ve never had a dog. I always thought I would get one as soon as I bought my own house, but I work full-time and I’m just not in the house enough. One happy day I will though! In the meantime I’ve settled with stroking most dogs I see. I’m one of those people who stops dogs walkers and asks “can I stroke your dog”; I’d be really rich if I had a pound for every time I’ve said it! My friends and family used to take the mick out of me and say that we’d have to add at least an extra 10 minutes onto every journey for dog stroking time!

Because I love dogs so much I decided to set myself a challenge; to find a different dog to take a picture of, every day for a whole year – a ‘year of the dog’. This might not sound that challenging but that’s 365 dogs I need to find! Unfortunately I don’t have 365 friends with dogs; that would be good though! I’m also pretty time poor, I work full-time as well as being a mum to a very active and funny 2-year-old boy (he also likes dogs). So my challenge begins, there’s going to be a lot of dog fussing in 2015!

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13 thoughts on “My Year of the Dog Challenge

  1. Hi! It would appear that you are our (Ray and I) latest Follower. Many thx. We hope you get as much pleasure out of reading our Posts as we do in writing them. That’s not quite accurate as I do the writing while Ray provides an infinite number of potential writing topics! He’s not very good on the keyboard. Big feet!
    ps. Ray wants you to know that he is very photogenic so if you get stuck for dog pic………………………!


  2. What a wonderful and fun challenge you have given yourself!! I will definitely be spending time getting caught up. Thank you so much for following Jacques’ Dog Blog! I hope you enjoy reading about the insanity that is Jacques. 🙂


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