Year of the Dog Day 363

We went on a family trip on the steam train to Totnes today, Ethan loved the train! I expected to see lots of dogs in Totnes and I wasn’t disappointed! I popped into a shop and when I got out Tim told me that a tiny puppy Pug had just walked past so I ran up the street looking for it. I couldn’t spot them about so I figured that they might have popped into a shop! We walked past a little pet shop so I peeped through the window and spotted the absolutely gorgeous Pug puppy! Oreo is a beautiful friendly girl. It was her first trip out to Totnes and I think the trip might have tired her out a bit, she was closing her eyes as I was stroking her! Oreo has a human sister who she already loves, they’re already best buddies!


Gorgeous Oreo!


Name: Oreo

Breed: Pug

Age: 16 weeks old

Favourite food: Chicken biscuits!

Favourite toy: Pink Teddy which she loves to cuddle!

Favourite pastime: Chewing feet, socks and slippers!


Year of the Dog Day 280

I forgot my dog blog kit today, booooo! I was going to go out at lunchtime too! Anyway I picked up Ethan from my parents after work and headed home and as Tim was home I went in search of a dog. The weather looked really threatening but I’m pleased to say that it didn’t rain! I didn’t have to go far when I spotted a very happy looking dog walking down the path so I went to meet him. Oscar is a cross between a Jack Russell and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he’s a handsome boy! It’s really interesting to see which features a dog gets from each breed; Oscar has the face shape of a Jack Russell and the features of a Staffie! Oscar is very alert, he had his eye on the ball the whole time I was with him! Oscar’s parents saw a advert for him on a website. When they went to meet him they were worried about what might happen to him if they didn’t give him a home so he came to live with them, I’m glad he did!

Handsome Oscar!

Handsome Oscar!


Name: Oscar

Breed: Jack Russell and Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross

Age: 10 months old

Favourite food: Ham! Oscar also really likes Ice cream! His human mummy let him have some once and now he gets very excited when she goes into the freezer.

Favourite toy: His ball!

Favourite pastime: Running in an open field.

Year of the Dog Day 223

I went for a little walk at lunchtime. I went to a different park than usual, I went o one near MOSI. The park was really busy with lots of people and then I spotted a very cute Beagle so I dashed over to say! Dotty is adorable! She’s really friendly and gave me kiss straight away! I got to give her lots of fuss! Dotty is very lucky and gets to go to work with her human mummy most days. When she doesn’t go to the office she goes to Goody Four Paws, a doggy day care centre. She loves it there and gets to play with her best doggy friend Floyd as well as about 8 other Beagles! Her human mummy gets sent video updates of Dotty’s day, how great is that!

Beautiful Dotty!

Beautiful Dotty!

Lovely girl!

Lovely girl!

Name: Dotty

Breed: Beagle

Age: 11 months, Dotty will be 1 year old later this month.

Favourite food: Mature cheddar cheese! She do anything for mature cheddar!

Favourite toy: Reindeer antlers which she likes chase and chew!

Favourite pastime: Running, howling and sniffing! Dotty loves being with other Beagles!

Year of the Dog Day 222

I was really lucky today and a soon as I stepped off the train in Bolton I spotted two chaps with a gorgeous puppy Pomeranian! I went over the say hello, I think a lot of people go over to say hello to him, Teddy is so fluffy and cute! I got to give him a little fuss!

Cute Teddy!

Cute Teddy!

Name: Teddy

Breed: Pomeranian

Age: 3 months old

Favourite food: Teddy eats special puppy food.

Favourite toy: A Squeaky toys which he takes everywhere!

Favourite pastime: Playing!

Year of the Dog Day 219

Ethan had a sports day today, he did very well! After we got home from nursery (after another kind parent jump started my car) we went for a little walk to the park. We spotted a man walking two lovely dogs, a Scottie dog and a Westie. The handsome Scottie was a bit scared of Ethan and so wouldn’t come near us but Sandy the Westie was happy to come and say hello! Sandy is a very friendly girl and her human told me that she’s very clever; Sandy is in charge! Sandy is currently pregnant, she expecting three puppies, I want one! The handsome Scottie Dog is the dad, I bet they’ll be so cute!

Beautiful Sandy!

Beautiful Sandy!

Name: Sandy

Breed: West Highland Terrier (Westie)

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Boiled Chicken, she goes mad over it!

Favourite toy: Her yellow ball, no other colour will do!

Favourite pastime: Training her humans to give her more food!

Year of the Dog Day 186

I didn’t have to worry about finding a dog today as I had already arranged to meet a puppy Dachshund called Walter. We were going to meet at Pennington Flash but I ended up getting a bit lost, even with the satnav! I managed to find my way to a pub which was close by so Walter’s humans came and met me there. It wasn’t until a left that I realised Pennington Flash was actually directly across the road from the pub, what a dope!

Unfortunately the heavens opened this afternoon, it was raining so much that I ended up taking picture of Walter in the car, its the first time I’ve done that! Walter is a real cutie, such a friendly boy, I got to give him lots of strokes and also got to have a cuddle! Walter has just started going to puppy class, he’s only been going for 2 weeks, he’s got another 6 to go! Walter is by far the smallest dog there, there’s lots of puppy Labradors in his class! I wish I could go to a puppy class, living the dream! Walter is really good with kids, he see’s one regularly who used to be scared of dogs but now loves them because Walter is so lovely!

Gorgeous Walter!

Gorgeous Walter!


Name: Walter

Breed: Dachshund

Age: 18 weeks old

Favourite food: Pizzle Sticks. He’ll come back for a pizzle stick!

Favourite toy: Rope and plastic bone, he likes playing tug of war!

Favourite pastime: Having cuddles & giving kisses!

Year of the Dog Day 174

I popped out at lunchtime today and didn’t have to go very far before I spotted a dog walking on the other side of the road. I made a dash for it and met very cute Arnie, a puppy French Bulldog. I know I say this all the time but I really do love French Bulldogs! Arnie’s fur is really soft and he still has some excess skin to grow in to, so cute! He’s a really friendly boy, I got to give him lots of strokes! Arnie’s human dad works at Close barbers in Manchester and he gets to come to work with him every day; all of the customers must love him! Arnie also has his very own Instagram account; Arnie_FrenchBulldog.

Handsome Arnie!

Handsome Arnie!


Name: Arnie

Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 4 months old

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite toy: Arnie has been bought lots of toys but his favourite thing to play with is the corners of a clothes driers!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping!

Year of the Dog Day 152

I popped to my parents after work to pick up Ethan and so I went for a little walk to the end of their street, doggy central! I spotted beautiful Poppy from day 140, she was very happy and I gave her fuss! Poppy’s human very kindly pointed me in the right direction of some dogs he’s just walked past so I went for a little jog down the path! It didn’t take long before I spotted an absolutely gorgeous puppy! Jack is as cute as can be! He was very happy and got really excited when another Shih Tzu came over to say hello! Jack is a puppy Shih Tzu and Jack Russell cross, what a mega cute combo!

Cutie Jack!

Cutie Jack!

Name: Jack

Breed: Shih Tzu and Jack Russell cross

Age: 4 months old

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Whatever he can get his paws on!

Favourite pastime: Chewing things!

Year of the Dog Day 147

I went to the park today with Ethan, my parents and my niece and as soon as we got there I spotted a man holding a beautiful  puppy! Lottie is tiny and sooooo cute! She’s really friendly and said hello to everyone! Lottie lives with her two human sisters who love her very much. Lottie is a rescue dog from the Bolton Destitute Animal Shelter.

Cute Lottie!

Cute Lottie!


Name: Lottie

Breed: Jack Russell and Beagle cross

Age: 12 weeks old

Favourite food: Treats!

Favourite toy: Squeaky Chicken!

Favourite pastime: Eating things!

Year of the Dog Day 49

I went for a walk to the park this morning with my son and some friends. We didn’t have to walk very far when we spotted a little puppy, very excited! Axel is a Norwegian Elk Hound. He’s soooo cute and his fur is really soft! Axel’s human dad told me that he was on waiting list for 3 years to get him; he’s definitely worth the wait!

Cute puppy Axel!

Cute puppy Axel!

Name: Axel

Breed: Norwegian Elk Hound

Age: 14 weeks old

Favourite food: Hotdogs!

Favourite toy: His human dad’s old trainers!

Favourite pastime: Pooping in the house!

Year of the Dog Day 31

Yay, I’ve completed my first month! I’m very happy!

We were driving back from a trip to Ikea when I noticed a very cute Staffie puppy wearing a pink coat! My husband pulled over as soon as he could and I got out and ran back down the road; they were still there! Cookie the Staffie puppy is very cute, I got to give her lots of strokes! Her human brother was happy to tell me all about her, there’s a lot of love for cute Cookie!

Cute puppy Cookie!

Cute puppy Cookie!

Name: Cookie

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Age: 14 weeks old!

Favourite food: Everything

Favourite Toy: Squeaky bone

Favourite pastime: Nibbling and Chewing!

Year of the Dog Day 22

I’m very happy today! I’ve worked late tonight so I was really hoping I’d find a dog during my lunchtime as it would be way too late after work! I went to Saint Anne’s square and then to the Cathedral but no dogs! My next stop was the park that I met the lovely Teazle in but still nothing. From there I went a slightly longer way back to work and struck gold again! Across the street a noticed 4 little paws. I started running and as I got nearer I realised it was a French Bulldog puppy, soooooo happy! The very cute Prince is very friendly and his owner was very happy to tell me all about him, he loves him loads! I also got to have a little hug with Prince who showered me with kisses! Every day I hope I can hold a puppy; dreams do come true!

Very cute Prince!

Very cute Prince!

Name: Prince

Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 5 months old

Favourite toy: His owners shoes!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping and playing!