Year of the Dog Day 223

I went for a little walk at lunchtime. I went to a different park than usual, I went o one near MOSI. The park was really busy with lots of people and then I spotted a very cute Beagle so I dashed over to say! Dotty is adorable! She’s really friendly and gave me kiss straight away! I got to give her lots of fuss! Dotty is very lucky and gets to go to work with her human mummy most days. When she doesn’t go to the office she goes to Goody Four Paws, a doggy day care centre. She loves it there and gets to play with her best doggy friend Floyd as well as about 8 other Beagles! Her human mummy gets sent video updates of Dotty’s day, how great is that!

Beautiful Dotty!

Beautiful Dotty!

Lovely girl!

Lovely girl!

Name: Dotty

Breed: Beagle

Age: 11 months, Dotty will be 1 year old later this month.

Favourite food: Mature cheddar cheese! She do anything for mature cheddar!

Favourite toy: Reindeer antlers which she likes chase and chew!

Favourite pastime: Running, howling and sniffing! Dotty loves being with other Beagles!


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