Year of the Dog: Hilda

It’s been quite along time since I last posted a picture of a gorgeous  doggy but I couldn’t resist sharing a picture of gorgeous pooch I met today! There was a market set up outside work today and beautiful Hilda a British Bulldog was on one of the stalls with her humans. I thought of an excuse to go outside a meet her and I gave her a good fuss, what a beautiful friendly girl!

I walked past later in the day after my lunch so I had to go and say hello again and make her a dog of the day! She was in her little bed when I went over but she ended up getting out so that I could give her a good stroke. She put her head really far back so I could stroke her chin, she also gave my hand a little hug, so cute! As I’ve said many times before, I absolutely love Bull dogs, I want Hilda to be my best friend! Hilda is a rescue dog and has been with her  current humans since July last year. Unfortunately Hilda was not treated well by her previous humans and has the scars to prove it. I’m very pleased she’s got such a loving home now.


Beautiful Hilda!


Name: Hilda

Breed: British Bulldog

Age: 9 years old (human years)

Favourite food: All food!

Favourite toy: Balls

Biggest dislike: Walking!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping, watching Coronation Street and Formula One!


Year of the Dog Day 359

Merry Christmas! I’m typing up my blog now before I get too tipsy!

I had to pick up my parents today to bring them round for Christmas dinner and I spotted a very cute dog on the way! I pulled in and ran after handsome Toby, a Staffie and Labrador Cross. Toby is a friendly boy and he’s very cute, I gave him a good stroke! Toby is a rescue dog from Bolton Destitute Animal Statuary. He was found tied up outside the statuary one Christmas; he’s lived with is current human for 5 years!


Handsome Toby!


Name: Toby

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Labrador Cross

Age: 10 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Chicken treats!

Favourite toy: Teddy which he likes to chew!

Favourite pastime: Walking and going for a run!

Year of the Dog Day 350

I went for a walk to the bottom of my parents street this afternoon and I spotted Fudge and her human from Day 189. Fudge’s human is a dog walker so she was also with Maddie from Day 301 and another very cute Jack Russell called Holly with her. They were also with another dog, a handsome Springer Spaniel called Dexter so I decided to make Holly and Dexter my dogs of he day!

Holly is a rescue dog from Bolton Destitute Animal Shelter, she’s only been with her current humans for 4 months! Holly lives with a Dachshund called Winston who’s her partner in crime!  Holly’s humans were told that she was 2-3 years old but they think she might be much younger. Holly is a little nervous around new dogs but she getting much more confident every day.

Dexter is a very happy dog; he’s very active like a typical Springer Spaniel! He was having a great time playing with Maddie, so cute! It was quite difficult to get a picture of Dexter as he doesn’t keep still, I did get to give him a little stroke though!


Beautiful Holly!


Name: Holly

Breed: Jack Russell Cross

Age: Unknown!

Favourite food: Meaty chunks!

Favourite toy: Squeaky duck!

Favourite pastime: Going for walks!


Handsome Dexter!


Dexter 2

Dexter’s human has sent me this lovely picture; he really loves the mud!



Name: Dexter

Breed: Springer Spaniel

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Arden Grange dog food

Favourite toy: Winston a squeaky bull dog toy. Dexter really loves it but his human’s don’t when they’re trying to watch Coronation Street, the toy often ends up on the table out of reach!

Favourite pastime: Going for muddy walks and playing with his ball!

Year of the Dog Day 348

I had the day off today so me and Ethan popped to the park this morning to look for a dog. We spotted a very cute and excited Jack Russell so we went over to say hello! As we were talking to Jackson his doggy friend Jake also came to say hello so I decided to make them both my dogs of the day. Between Jackson and Jake’s humans they have 11 dogs! Jackson lives with 5 other dogs and Jake lives with 4; they’re all rescue dogs! Both of the dogs humans work at a vets and both have taken some of the homeless dogs that have brought in, what good people.

Jackson was brought into the vets after he had been ran over. His previous owner was an elderly lady and she couldn’t cope with him after his accident so his current human took him home! He’s a very excited dog, his previous owner didn’t take him out much so he’s making up for lost time! Jackson loves other dogs and people and wants to say hello to everyone!

Jake was brought into the vets as a stray. He’s a lovely boy, he’s quite chilled and he likes a fuss; he looked right into my eyes to say hello! Jake really loves swimming and his human said that it’s made his fur lovely and soft!


Handsome Jackson!


Name: Jackson

Breed: Jack Russell and Chihuahua Cross

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything! He’ll steal any food that’s left out. He also enjoys a good brew!

Favourite toy: Jackson doesn’t play with toys!

Favourite pastime: Walking!


Name: Jake

Breed: Mastiff Cross

Age: 6 years old (human years)

Favourite food: All food! Jake also enjoys a brew!

Favourite toy: Kong with peanut butter!

Favourite pastime: Swimming!

Year of the Dog Day 346

The weather has been terrible today I don’t think it’s stopped raining! I decided that rather than get wet I would see if I could pop round to my friend Lucy’s house to take a picture of one of her dogs. Kita was very excited when I arrived, she made me and Ethan very welcome, she’s a very friendly girl! Kita is a very smiley girl, she wants to spend the whole day giving kisses! Kita is a rescue dog from Leigh Cats and Dog home. Kita came to live with her humans when she was 2 years old. She was found as a stray which has made her a bit of a scavenger. Kita loves her doggy housemate Alba, she’s her best friend.


Beautiful Kita!



Name: Kita

Breed: Husky cross (possibly German Shepherd or Labrador)

Age: 5 year old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Balls

Favourite pastime: Walking and running in the river!

Year of the Dog Day 342

I went for a little walk at lunchtime today; I went to St Anne’s Square again and spotted a dog straight away but as I got closer I realised that it was Raphael from day 320. I gave him a little stroke! I carried on walking and when I was back on Deansgate I spotted a beautiful Staffie so I went to say hello! Ruby is a beautiful girl, she very smiley and very friendly. She cuddled my hand with both her paws and licked me at the same time, very sweet! Ruby is a rescue dog from Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home. Her current humans have had her for 5 years; she was in a bad way when she first went to live with them; it took her two years to stop being so nervous around people, she’s happy around people now! Her original name was Maddie but she didn’t respond to that name so they changed it to Ruby; its a good name!


Beautiful Ruby!



Hello, I’m going to lick your hand!


Name: Ruby

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Age: 8 yeas old (human years)

Favourite food: Fruit, she loves it! Her favourites are banana’s, apples and strawberry’s.

Favourite toy: Ball

Favourite pastime: Running on the beach

Year of the Dog Day 270

I’m working today and I actually managed to get ready in good time (I’m normally really slow on a Sunday) so I had enough time to pop to the park before work! As soon as I arrived I spotted a couple walking 2 very cute dogs! Amber and Scamp are very friendly, I gave them both a good stroke! They are both rescue dogs Amber is from Leigh Cats and Dogs Home and Scamp was found tied up outside a golf course. Fortunately he was taken to his current humans sons vets and that’s how he came to live with them. I know I’ve said this before but I really don’t understand why people abandon dogs, if they really don’t want them why don’t they take them to a rescue centre? Amber and Scamp get on well together but Scamp has little dog syndrome and barks at all other dogs!

Gorgeous Amber and Scamp!

Gorgeous Amber and Scamp!

Name: Amber

Breed: Border Collie and Retriever cross

Age: 17 years old (human years)

Favourite food: JD Dog Food

Favourite toy: Frisbee’s and squeaky toys

Favourite pastime: Going for walks!

Name: Scamp

Breed: Jack Russell and Chihuahua cross

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: JD Dog Food

Favourite toy: Scamp doesn’t play with toys!

Favourite pastime: Going for walks!

Year of the Dog Day 264

I only took a short lunch in work today so I had to wait until I got back to Bolton to look for a dog. I parked up at my parents house and went in search for a dog. To be honest I was pretty tired tonight and was a little disheartened when there didn’t seem to be any dogs about, but then I spotted a man walking 4 really happy dogs! I decided to take a picture of Maddie as her human thought she might be the easiest to keep still, they are all very excited dogs! Despite being 10 years old Maddie is really active, she hardly keeps still! It was pretty difficult to get a picture of her but fortunately I did manage to get one! Maddie is a rescue dog, she was rescued from a rescue home in Leigh.

Beautiful Maddie!

Beautiful Maddie!

Name: Maddie

Breed: Border Terrier

Age: 10 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Sausage dog squeaky toy!

Favourite pastime: Chilling out!

Year of the Dog Day 234

I’ve been really lucky again today and didn’t have to go on a search for a dog! I was in work when Gemma my colleague spotted a lovely dog outside so I went out to say hello. Leo is a very friendly and handsome boy, he came over for a cuddle and lots of strokes, he likes having attention. Leo is on his holidays, he lives in Italy which is his country of birth. They had to drive all the way to Manchester from Italy as Leo can’t fly! Leo is a rescue dog from an Italian rescue centre. He was rescued 4 years ago, but he’d been in the rescue centre for 5 years at that point; I’m so pleased that he’s found his forever home. Leo likes to talk and has little chats with his human sister! It was difficult to get Leo to keep still for a photo, he kept coming over to me for more strokes!

Handsome Leo!

Handsome Leo!

Name: Leo

Breed: Cross breed

Age: 12 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite toy: Leo doesn’t play with toys, his human mummy thinks it’s because he spent so much time in the kennels.

Favourite pastime: Getting fussed and his chest rubbed!

Year of the Dog Day 228

I spotted a couple of dogs this morning including a Boston Terrier but I was having breakfast inside the Tate Modern so I didn’t manage to go out and meet them! I thought I might see one at the train station but I didn’t today so I popped to the park when I got back home. I spotted my neighbour with beautiful Lady from Day 1 (you can see her in the background of the photo) and Cassius from Day 47, I gave them both a little stoke. My neighbour then introduced me to Meg a lovely Border Collie cross. Meg is very nice, she’s really friendly and I gave her lots of fuss! Meg is a rescue dog from Manchester Dogs Home, her human daddy got her when she was 2 years old.

Beautiful Meg!

Beautiful Meg!


Name: Meg

Breed: Border Collie cross. Meg’s human isn’t sure what she is crossed with, he said maybe a kangaroo as she used to jump really high in the air!

Age: 14 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Meg doesn’t play with toys, she used to love her ball when she was younger!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping

Year of the Dog Day 226

I went out at lunchtime today but the weather wasn’t great and I didn’t spot any dogs! I went to my parents after work with Ethan so I went for a little walk down the street. I bumped into gorgeous Bentley and his human mummy again and so we walked down the street together. We then bumped into handsome Loki too! I then spotted a very happy looking Border Collie up ahead so I dashed ahead to meet him! Alfie is a very friendly boy, he jumped up to say hello straight away! Alfie used to belong to his current humans daughters friends but they didn’t have enough time to look after him so he went to live in his current home. He goes for lots of long walks every day, he loves it and really loves fetching his ball, he can run really fast! Alfie does a strange thing, every time his humans answer the phone he jumps up high in the air, as high as their shoulders! They think he might do it for attention!

Handsome Alfie!

Handsome Alfie!

Name: Alfie

Breed: Border Collie (possibly crossed with a Whippet)

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Alfie eats dried food mixed with when food in gravy!

Favourite toy: Alfie loves squeaky toys, he has lots of them!

Favourite pastime: Running and playing fetch!

Year of th Dog Day 221

I’ve been in work today so I hoped I’d find a dog out and about on Manchester and I did! I spotted two very handsome dogs, Patch and Rufus who are both Sprockers! Patch came over straight away for a fuss but Rufus is a little shy but I did manage to have a stroke! They were being walked by Patch’s human mummy, Rufus belongs to her sister in law. They both get on very well! Patch is a rescue dog, his previous owners couldn’t look after him any more so he went to live with his current humans.

Handsome Rufus and Patch!

Handsome Rufus and Patch!



Smiley Patch!

Smiley Patch!

Name: Patch

Breed: Springer Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel Cross (Sprocker)

Age: 8 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite toy: Balls!

Favourite pastime: Walking and running

Name: Rufus

Breed: Springer Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel Cross (Sprocker)

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite toy: Balls!

Favourite pastime: Walking and running

Year of the Dog Day 212

I managed to get out at lunchtime and it didn’t take long before I spotted a very cute Dachshund. Chilli Pepper is a little bit shy but she’s very sweet! Chills humans got her when she was 18 months old; her previous owners had a couple of other dogs and a cat but it was too much for Chills and she didn’t get on with them. She’s now very nervous of cats and freezes every time she she’s one.

Lovely Chilli Pepper

Lovely Chilli Pepper

Name: Chilli Pepper, Chills for short

Breed: Dachshund

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite toy: Snowy, a soft toy she cuddles into!

Favourite pastime: Eating, sleeping, pooping and weeing!

Year of the Dog Day 203

I was at my parents house this afternoon when I spotted a cute dog walking past so I dashed out to say hello to lovely Noodles! Noodles is a rescue dog from Cyprus. The family were on holiday there and one of their friends found Noodles walking around the holiday park and so took her in to a rescue centre and the family decided that they would like to adopt her. They had to wait a couple of months before Noodles could come back to the UK whilst they sorted out her doggy passport but she got over here eventually and has now lived in the UK for 7 years. What a lovely happily ever after story!

Lovely Noodles!

Lovely Noodles!

Name: Noodles

Breed: They are not sure what breed she is, some people have said a Cyprus Poodle and other people have suggested that she is maybe a cross with a Westie.

Age: Approximately 8 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Pedigree Chum

Favourite toy: Noodle doesn’t play with toys

Favourite pastime: Sleeping!

Year of the Dog Day 201

I went to Chester Zoo today for Ethan’s’ birthday, we had a great day out! One of the animals we saw was a bush dog, I’ve never seen one before, they were mega cute, but not my dog of the day!

When I got back to Bolton I went to visit my parents and then went for a little walk down there street. I ended up seeing Loki from Day 128, Poppy from Day 140, Jack from Day 152 and Holly from Day 7. It was very nice to see them all but I was worried I wouldn’t spot any different dogs! I had to walk a little further than usual when I spotted a really smiley, friendly, beautiful dog. Tia was running with one of her dog sisters when she came over to say hello, she’s a very friendly girl! She had a big smile on her face the whole time I was with her, she has a lovely nature! Tia is a rescue dog. She had belonged to someone that ran a pub but they left her behind when they left. She was originally taken in by one of her humans neighbours but they had another dog that was picking on her so she went to live in her current home. Tia has 4 dog sisters, they were all having lots of fun together!

Beautiful Tia!

Beautiful Tia!

Name: Tia

Breed: Lurcher and Saluki Cross

Age: 9 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Balls, she like playing catch!

Favourite pastime: Walking, swimming and meeting people!

Year of the Dog Day 189

I was off today and so went to my parents in the afternoon. After I’d been there for a little while I spotted a really cute dog walking past so I ran out of the house to meet her. Fudge is a very cute and friendly girl! She loves licking people, she continuously licked my arm whilst I was stroking her. Every night she licks her human dad’s face, she gives him a ‘Fudge facial’. Fudge has had a bit of a hard time during her life. Her dog mum and 12 other puppy siblings were dumped outside the entrance of a Bleakholt Rescue Centre. Fudge was the smallest out of the puppies, believe it or not her dog brother is the size of a Border Collie! Fudge has also had to have a number of operations on her back legs but she’s still a happy girl!

Beautiful Fudge!

Beautiful Fudge!

Name: Fudge

Breed: Lancashire Heeler and Pomeranian Cross

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Chicken and Veg, She also really loves gravy bones.

Favourite toy: A toy duck. She likes to butt it to make it squeak!

Favourite pastime: Chasing squirrels. She also has a skill in finding food in the bushes, she really loves that!

Year of the Dog Day 147

I went to the park today with Ethan, my parents and my niece and as soon as we got there I spotted a man holding a beautiful  puppy! Lottie is tiny and sooooo cute! She’s really friendly and said hello to everyone! Lottie lives with her two human sisters who love her very much. Lottie is a rescue dog from the Bolton Destitute Animal Shelter.

Cute Lottie!

Cute Lottie!


Name: Lottie

Breed: Jack Russell and Beagle cross

Age: 12 weeks old

Favourite food: Treats!

Favourite toy: Squeaky Chicken!

Favourite pastime: Eating things!

Year of the Dog Day 143

We went for a little walk around the grounds of Gawthorpe Hall today and I spotted a very handsome Flat Coated Retriever. Max was rescued from RSPCA East Lancashire rescue centre when he was two years old. He’s a very friendly boy, he didn’t stop smiling the whole time! He also let Ethan give him a little stroke!

Handsome Max!

Handsome Max!

Name: Max

Breed: Flat Coated Retriever

Age: 10 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Carrots! He goes mad for them!

Favourite toy: Max doesn’t really play with toys! He likes playing tug though!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping

Year of th Dog Day 133

I had the day off today but spent most of the morning rushing round so I decided I’d go and look for a dog on the afternoon with Ethan and my parents. Ethan decided which direction we’d walk in and so we went a different route than usual! We walked to the next street and we spotted a beautiful Cocker Spaniel. Molly is an old girl, she’s 12 years old! She’s very lovely and was very patient to let Ethan stroke her! Molly is the 5th Cocker Spaniel that her human parents have had; I remember some of them from when I was younger! Molly lived with a previous owner for 6 years but they couldn’t look after her anymore so she moved in to her current home.

Beautiful Molly!

Beautiful Molly!

Name: Molly

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Age: 12 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Molly will eat anything but she especially loves carrots!

Favourite toy: Molly doesn’t play with toys!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping! Molly isn’t keen on walking anymore!

Year of the Dog Day 121

I decided to pop to the park after I picked up Ethan from nursery today to go on a  dog hunt; but first thing first we went on the swings for a good half an hour! I finally persuaded him to come and look for a dog with me. It was pretty quiet on the dog front; I was thinking I’d need to go to a different park but then eventually I spotted a very happy looking dog! Bob was very friendly, Ethan enjoyed chasing round after him!

Bob is a rescue dog from Leigh Dogs and Cats Home, Bob’s human dad is a runner and some friends of his suggested that he get a dog that can go running with him. They decided they’d go and find a rescue dog! Originally they were thinking they would get a Whippet but they fell in love when they saw Bob!

It’s a really small world though! After they rescued Bob they went for a walk round Heaton park when they noticed a couple pointing at Bob and talking about him! The couple asked them if they’d rescued him from Leigh Dogs and Cats home which they had! It turned out that couple were the ones that found Bob, he was skin and bones and they took him to the rescue centre! They also then bumped into their friends that had suggested getting a dog and it tuned out that they know the couple that found Bob!

Lovely Bob!

Lovely Bob!

Name: Bob

Breed: Cross breed

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite toy: Ball

Favourite pastime: Running! Bob goes running with his human daddy for Radcliffe Athletics. Bob even has his own running vest!