Year of the Dog Day 121

I decided to pop to the park after I picked up Ethan from nursery today to go on a  dog hunt; but first thing first we went on the swings for a good half an hour! I finally persuaded him to come and look for a dog with me. It was pretty quiet on the dog front; I was thinking I’d need to go to a different park but then eventually I spotted a very happy looking dog! Bob was very friendly, Ethan enjoyed chasing round after him!

Bob is a rescue dog from Leigh Dogs and Cats Home, Bob’s human dad is a runner and some friends of his suggested that he get a dog that can go running with him. They decided they’d go and find a rescue dog! Originally they were thinking they would get a Whippet but they fell in love when they saw Bob!

It’s a really small world though! After they rescued Bob they went for a walk round Heaton park when they noticed a couple pointing at Bob and talking about him! The couple asked them if they’d rescued him from Leigh Dogs and Cats home which they had! It turned out that couple were the ones that found Bob, he was skin and bones and they took him to the rescue centre! They also then bumped into their friends that had suggested getting a dog and it tuned out that they know the couple that found Bob!

Lovely Bob!

Lovely Bob!

Name: Bob

Breed: Cross breed

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite toy: Ball

Favourite pastime: Running! Bob goes running with his human daddy for Radcliffe Athletics. Bob even has his own running vest!


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