Year of the Dog Day 363

We went on a family trip on the steam train to Totnes today, Ethan loved the train! I expected to see lots of dogs in Totnes and I wasn’t disappointed! I popped into a shop and when I got out Tim told me that a tiny puppy Pug had just walked past so I ran up the street looking for it. I couldn’t spot them about so I figured that they might have popped into a shop! We walked past a little pet shop so I peeped through the window and spotted the absolutely gorgeous Pug puppy! Oreo is a beautiful friendly girl. It was her first trip out to Totnes and I think the trip might have tired her out a bit, she was closing her eyes as I was stroking her! Oreo has a human sister who she already loves, they’re already best buddies!


Gorgeous Oreo!


Name: Oreo

Breed: Pug

Age: 16 weeks old

Favourite food: Chicken biscuits!

Favourite toy: Pink Teddy which she loves to cuddle!

Favourite pastime: Chewing feet, socks and slippers!


Year of the Dog Day 358

I popped to the park this morning to spot a dog! It was quiet about but eventually I spotted a man walking 3 lovely dogs! Peppa the Pug, Daisy the Staffie and Eddy the Border Terrier, a lovely trio, very cute! They all get on really well with each other, they’re best friends! I decided to make Peppa my Dog of the Day, she’s a real cutie, look at that little tongue, it’s always sticking out! It was tricky to get a picture of Peppea as she kept coming up to me more strokes!


Beautiful Peppa!



Name: Peppa

Breed: Pug

Age: 7 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Any food! Peppa steals the other dogs food!

Favourite toy: Peppa isn’t really bothered about toys!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping!

Year of the Dog Day 288

On my way to the train station heading home I spotted a man carrying a tiny puppy, I couldn’t miss saying hello! Get ready for cute overload as Bill Murray is gorgeous! Bill Murray’s human has only just picked him up from the breeder but I could see how much he loves him already! Bill Murray got his name because his human saw a picture of the human Bill Murray which he thought looked like his lovely puppy. It’s a great name! Bill’s mum is a French Bulldog, she’s very boisterous! Bill’s human hasn’t had time to get to know him yet so we don’t have answers to some of the usual questions but I’ll hopefully be able to update them when he’s older!

Cutie Bill Murray!

Cutie Bill Murray!

Name: Bill Murray

Breed: French Bulldog and Pug Cross

Age: 9 weeks old

Favourite toy: So far it’s chewing the tassel on his humans coat!

Year of the Dog Day 245

I went Moss Bank Park today with my friend and on my way to the café I spotted a gorgeous puppy Pug, so adorable! Bailey is a very friendly girl, she might be small but she’s got a big personality! I got to give her lots of fuss and I don’t think she stopped licking my hand! Bailey is like a celebrity, she’s so cute that she go a crowd of people around her wanting to say hello. Bailey likes to pose for photos, what a pro!

Gorgeous Bailey!

Gorgeous Bailey!

Name: Bailey

Breed: Pug

Age: 3 months old

Favourite food: Duck and rice

Favourite toy: A little squeaky pig

Favourite pastime: Chasing her own tail!

Year of the Dog Day 233

I was in work today at the reception desk when my colleague spotted a Black Pug outside; thanks Rachel! I ran up 4 flights of stairs to get my camera and headed outside. When I got outside Alan the pug had a little crowd round him with lots of people giving him a fuss; who can blame them he’s gorgeous. Alan is a really friendly boy and has lots of pizazz, look at that snazzy red jumper! Alan’s human really wanted to have a dog called Alan so when she went to visit the littler of puppies she said to Alan “are you Alan” and he tilted his head as if to say “yes I am”, she knew he was the one! Alan loves his human mummy and doesn’t like to be apart from her, fortunately she works from home. Alan is a clever boy and can do some tricks, he can play dead!

Handsome Alan!

Handsome Alan!

My ear is sticking up!

My ear is sticking up!

Name: Alan

Breed: Black Pug

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Everything but he especially likes cheese and peanut butter

Favourite toy: Mr Ham, a toy sandwich with a pigs head! Alan has broken the toy so now he only plays with the head!

Favourite pastime: Being with his human mummy!

Year of the Dog Day 207

It’s been a miserable day with lots of rain so I didn’t have high hopes that I’d spot a dog at lunchtime today and I was right! I saw my neighbour Sue when I got back from work today and she told me that she was looking after 3 of her friends dogs so I went over to say hello! They were all very excited and I gave them all a fuss! I also got to say hello to beautiful Lady from Day 1 and handsome Cassius from Day 47. I decided to make beautiful Bella my dog of the day; she’s a Shih Tzu and Pug cross. I’ve met one before and I think they might possibly be related! I double checked and it also turns out that the Shih Tzu Pug cross that was previously my Dog of the Day is also called Bella, although they are definitely not the same dog; I had a moment of worry when I thought they might be! Bella is a very friendly girl and jumped up to say hello! She gets on well with her dog sisters Frankie a Shih Tzu and Cady a Labradoodle. Bella especially loves Cady and they snuggle up to each other at night!

Beautiful Bella!

Beautiful Bella!

Name: Bella

Breed: Shug (Shih Tzu and Pug cross)

Age: 11 months old

Favourite food: Anything, Bella is greedy! She tries to steal the other dogs food, she’s even tried to steal Cassius’ food; he has none of it!

Favourite toy: Bella loves ragging toys and anything with a tassel!

Favourite pastime: Going for walks and tormenting Cady!

Year of the Dog Day 171

The weather has been miserable today, lots of rain! I had to pop into Pets at Home so I hoped I’d see a dog there and I was in luck! I met very cute Frank a Pug and Chihuahua cross. Frank has only lived with his current humans since Wednesday so they’re just getting to know each other! Frank’s previous owners had 5 other dogs and 2 cats which proved t be too much so they decided to re-home him. Frank is a very lovely!

Very cute Frank!

Very cute Frank!

Name: Frank

Breed: Pug and Chihuahua cross

Age: 18 months old

Favourite food: Chicken treats!

Favourite toy: Squeaky rubber ring

Favourite pastime: Sleeping!

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Year of the Dog Day 158

I’ve had this weekend off so we decided to make the most out of the decent weather and go for walk around Rivington. I knew I’d see loads of dogs there and I did! I met very cute Bella a Pug and Shih Tzu cross. Bella was very friendly and smiley, a real cutie!

Cute Bella!

Cute Bella!

Name: Bella

Breed: Pug and Shih Tzu Cross

Age:3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Champ dog food!

Favourite toy: Bella doesn’t really play with toys but she loves her pillow that she sleep on! When she wakes up she throws and shakes her pillow about!

Favourite pastime: Being daft when some one is at the front door! She gets very excited and spins around!

Year of the Dog Day 157

I went to Bury today to have a little look round the shops and as soon as I got the Rock I spotted absolutely gorgeous Holly a Pug and Beagle cross. Holly is such a friendly girl, she loves all people! She was very excited, I got to give her lots of fuss and a little cuddle too, so cute!

Gorgeous Holly!

Gorgeous Holly!

Name: Holly

Breed: Puggle, a Pug and Beagle cross

Age: 16 months old

Favourite food: Bacon!

Favourite toy: A round stone that she found in the garden! She carries it around with her and even takes it to bed with her!

Favourite pastime: Walking and meeting people!

Year of the Dog Day 96

I went for a trip to a wildlife park called Brockholes today. I thought I’d have no trouble there finding a dog there until my husband informed me that dogs aren’t allowed!

When I got home a did a bit of gardening in the front garden and kept a look out for any dogs. I was very pleased when I spotted a very cute Pug; I really love Pug’s, they have so much pizazz! Roxy was no exception, she’s a very happy girl! Roxy is also very clever and can do a number of tricks; she showed me roll over and shake a paw!

Happy Roxy!

Happy Roxy!

Look how long Roxy's tongue is!

Look how long Roxy’s tongue is!

Name: Roxy

Breed: Pug

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Roxy loves playing with things that aren’t officially dog toys! She loves getting a bottle and making it shoot across the room so that she can chase it!

Favourite pastime: Eating!

Year of the Dog Day 81

The sunshine is my friend! I was working again today so popped out at lunchtime and again I bumped into a dog straight away. Today I met the very friendly and smiley Dolly, look at her beautiful smile, she’s got so much personality! Dolly is named after Dolly Parton, good choice, I love Dolly Parton! Dolly was being walked by some friends of her owner but they know her very well, they obviously like her very much and who can blame them!

Lovely smiley Dolly!

Lovely smiley Dolly!


Name: Dolly

Breed: Pug and Shih Tzu cross

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite toy: Soft toy rat from Ikea. Dolly sucks it like dummy to go to sleep, she goes through around 1 rat a month!

Favourite pastime: Playing football!

Year of the Dog Day 9

I didn’t see any dogs in Manchester city centre again today, I hope there are some over the weekend! I got back to Bolton without seeing a single dog. I walked to the car, parked it at my sons’ nursery and went for a quick walk around the block to see if I could spot a dog – but no cigar! When I got home I started checking out of the window to see if I could spot any dogs walking past, I can’t decide if it makes me seem like a bit of a nutter or not if I run out of the house to get a photo?! I didn’t see any dogs anyway! As soon as my husband got home I headed out on the hunt!

I needed to buy some milk so I headed to the shop, I was pretty sure I’d find a dog there and I did, a very handsome Pug called Oscar. I love Pugs! Oscar was very friendly and was wearing a little scarf, he won’t leave the house if he hasn’t got it on! I love that, what a fashion icon! Oscar’s owner was telling me that she nagged her dad for at least 3 years to get a Pug but he was having none of it until he met two Pugs outside a Chinese takeaway and fell in love! Who can blame him, Pugs are ace!

Unfortunately this isn’t my best picture, my camera was being a bit weird and I didn’t have too much time to mess with it and get it right. Sorry Oscar I’ve not captured how lovely you are!

Fashionable Oscar in his scarf!

Name: Oscar

Breed: Pug

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite toy: Slippers

Favourite food: Scrambled eggs and bacon

Favourite pastime: Going out for walks

Luckily, Oscar’s owner has sent me a much better picture that properly shows what a handsome boy he is! Thanks a lot Hayley, it was really nice to meet you and lovely Oscar today!

A much better picture of Oscar!

A much better picture of Oscar!