Year of the Dog Day 9

I didn’t see any dogs in Manchester city centre again today, I hope there are some over the weekend! I got back to Bolton without seeing a single dog. I walked to the car, parked it at my sons’ nursery and went for a quick walk around the block to see if I could spot a dog – but no cigar! When I got home I started checking out of the window to see if I could spot any dogs walking past, I can’t decide if it makes me seem like a bit of a nutter or not if I run out of the house to get a photo?! I didn’t see any dogs anyway! As soon as my husband got home I headed out on the hunt!

I needed to buy some milk so I headed to the shop, I was pretty sure I’d find a dog there and I did, a very handsome Pug called Oscar. I love Pugs! Oscar was very friendly and was wearing a little scarf, he won’t leave the house if he hasn’t got it on! I love that, what a fashion icon! Oscar’s owner was telling me that she nagged her dad for at least 3 years to get a Pug but he was having none of it until he met two Pugs outside a Chinese takeaway and fell in love! Who can blame him, Pugs are ace!

Unfortunately this isn’t my best picture, my camera was being a bit weird and I didn’t have too much time to mess with it and get it right. Sorry Oscar I’ve not captured how lovely you are!

Fashionable Oscar in his scarf!

Name: Oscar

Breed: Pug

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite toy: Slippers

Favourite food: Scrambled eggs and bacon

Favourite pastime: Going out for walks

Luckily, Oscar’s owner has sent me a much better picture that properly shows what a handsome boy he is! Thanks a lot Hayley, it was really nice to meet you and lovely Oscar today!

A much better picture of Oscar!

A much better picture of Oscar!


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