Year of the Dog Day 10

I’ve been working today but I was very optimistic that there might be more dogs around Manchester city centre on the weekend than through the week. I went for a little wonder round at dinner time and spotted a dog heading into Gap so I went in hot pursuit! The dog in question is Rosie a very cute cross-breed. Rosie’s owners adopted her from a dogs home where she was in a bit of a bad way and pregnant! Rosie ended up having 7 puppies which were all adopted to good homes through the Blue Cross. Rosie’s owner ended up working for the Blue Cross a few years later in Devon and met 3 of Rosie’s puppies again, how mad is that! What a small world!

Cute Rosie!

Cute Rosie!

Name: Rosie

Breed: Cross breed

Age: 11 years old (Human Years)

Favourite toy: A cat feeder ball

Favourite food: Butchers but when she was pregnant she loved croissants!

Favourite pastime: Going for a walk


One thought on “Year of the Dog Day 10

  1. Rosie’s (Waddy’s) owner here, lovely to meet you on our visit back to Manchester. The Blue Cross I volunteer at is in Devon, just wanted to give the team a mention. One of Rosie’s pups was adopted by a staff member and two others live together next door to her.
    Lovely photo of Rosie – thanks.


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