Year of the Dog Day 11

I start work a little bit later on a Sunday but I had every intention of getting up at my normal time so that I could go for a dog spotting walk before work; that didn’t happen, my bed was sooo comfy and the weather sounded awful outside! Anyway I ended up being a bit pushed for time this morning and so couldn’t stop the car to meet two very nice Huskies that I saw going for a walk! I went out for a little walk during my break but unfortunately didn’t see any dogs. I didn’t spot any dogs walking past my work either! As soon as got home I parked up and went for a walk round the block. It was really quiet out, it was before 6pm by the time I got back but it felt really late! The weather has been pretty awful today so I figure that only the hardened dog walkers are braving it out tonight! I was near the end of my route and I was starting to lose heart when I spotted a little dog ahead! I jogged after them and saw it was very cute Westie wearing a very stylish polka-dot jacket! Alfie the Westie was very friendly, a really lovely boy! Whilst we were chatting he got very excited about a motorbike that went past but he doesn’t feel the same about buses, he’s a bit scared of them; they are much bigger than him!

The very friendly Alfie

The very friendly Alfie

Name: Alfie

Breed: West Highland Terrier

Age: 4 years old (Human years)

Favourite food: Any treat!

Favourite toy: Tartan squeaky bone

Favourite pastime: Going for a walk


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