Year of the Dog Day 363

We went on a family trip on the steam train to Totnes today, Ethan loved the train! I expected to see lots of dogs in Totnes and I wasn’t disappointed! I popped into a shop and when I got out Tim told me that a tiny puppy Pug had just walked past so I ran up the street looking for it. I couldn’t spot them about so I figured that they might have popped into a shop! We walked past a little pet shop so I peeped through the window and spotted the absolutely gorgeous Pug puppy! Oreo is a beautiful friendly girl. It was her first trip out to Totnes and I think the trip might have tired her out a bit, she was closing her eyes as I was stroking her! Oreo has a human sister who she already loves, they’re already best buddies!


Gorgeous Oreo!


Name: Oreo

Breed: Pug

Age: 16 weeks old

Favourite food: Chicken biscuits!

Favourite toy: Pink Teddy which she loves to cuddle!

Favourite pastime: Chewing feet, socks and slippers!


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