Year of the Dog Day 288

On my way to the train station heading home I spotted a man carrying a tiny puppy, I couldn’t miss saying hello! Get ready for cute overload as Bill Murray is gorgeous! Bill Murray’s human has only just picked him up from the breeder but I could see how much he loves him already! Bill Murray got his name because his human saw a picture of the human Bill Murray which he thought looked like his lovely puppy. It’s a great name! Bill’s mum is a French Bulldog, she’s very boisterous! Bill’s human hasn’t had time to get to know him yet so we don’t have answers to some of the usual questions but I’ll hopefully be able to update them when he’s older!

Cutie Bill Murray!

Cutie Bill Murray!

Name: Bill Murray

Breed: French Bulldog and Pug Cross

Age: 9 weeks old

Favourite toy: So far it’s chewing the tassel on his humans coat!


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