Year of the Dog Day 287

I’ve got to be honest, I’m mega happy about todays Dogs of the Day! Since I’ve started my blog I’ve wanted to meet a Newfoundland because they’re amazing! I wish I could see one every day  but so far this year I haven’t seen one. I think Tim might be getting fed up of me saying “I hope I see a Newfie today”! Anyway on Sunday I bumped into Geoff the Saint Bernard and his humans and I mentioned that I still hadn’t met a Newfie. That night Geoff’s mum emailed me to say that she’d found me a Newfie; as you can imagine I was very excited! Thanks Michelle, you’re a star! So today I arranged to meet not one but two Newfoundland’s, amazing!

Bobby and Ella are brilliant; they’re both really friendly, I got to give them both lots of strokes and hugs! Ella is the oldest of the two and her human mummy told me that she’s a typical Newfie; she’s very chilled out and she’s a gentle giant! She likes to sit on peoples feet when they stroke her and she even sat on my knee, she thinks she’s smaller than she is! Ella is a lovely girl!

Bobby is 2 years old and although he’s not fully grown yet he’s massive! When he jumps up he’s taller than me! Bobby isn’t a typical Newfie as he’s very boisterous and he can get very excited. He’s so boisterous that his humans can’t walk him and Ella together. Unfortunately Bobby has been attacked by a couple of dogs which has made him a bit nervous but extra training has helped him. Ella and Bobby are both really lovely, I could of fussed them all day!

Beautiful Ella!

Beautiful Ella!

Handsome Bobby!

Handsome Bobby!


Name: Ella

Breed: Newfoundland

Age: 9 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Cheese!

Favourite toy: Ella has a big cuddly rabbit. She carries it really gently in her mouth like its a puppy, she really nurtures it.

Favourite pastime: Swimming! Typical Newfie!

Name: Bobby

Breed: Newfoundland

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Cucumber! Bobby goes mad for it! He also really likes strawberry’s.

Favourite toy: A squeaky ball but he only really likes it in the house, he gets bored playing chase outside!

Favourite pastime: Sniffing and running around chasing!


One thought on “Year of the Dog Day 287

  1. In the village where we used to live there was a reactive Newfoundland who used to lunge and snarl at whichever dog we were walking…it was terrifying as the dog’s owner couldn’t keep his dog back!!

    Newfoundlands are beautiful dogs though and the few I’ve had the chance to meet have been very chilled out. I’m always shocked by the size of the XL breeds! Really pleased you managed to meet two 🙂

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