Year of the Dog Day 186

I didn’t have to worry about finding a dog today as I had already arranged to meet a puppy Dachshund called Walter. We were going to meet at Pennington Flash but I ended up getting a bit lost, even with the satnav! I managed to find my way to a pub which was close by so Walter’s humans came and met me there. It wasn’t until a left that I realised Pennington Flash was actually directly across the road from the pub, what a dope!

Unfortunately the heavens opened this afternoon, it was raining so much that I ended up taking picture of Walter in the car, its the first time I’ve done that! Walter is a real cutie, such a friendly boy, I got to give him lots of strokes and also got to have a cuddle! Walter has just started going to puppy class, he’s only been going for 2 weeks, he’s got another 6 to go! Walter is by far the smallest dog there, there’s lots of puppy Labradors in his class! I wish I could go to a puppy class, living the dream! Walter is really good with kids, he see’s one regularly who used to be scared of dogs but now loves them because Walter is so lovely!

Gorgeous Walter!

Gorgeous Walter!


Name: Walter

Breed: Dachshund

Age: 18 weeks old

Favourite food: Pizzle Sticks. He’ll come back for a pizzle stick!

Favourite toy: Rope and plastic bone, he likes playing tug of war!

Favourite pastime: Having cuddles & giving kisses!


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