Year of the Dog Day 44

The weather is really miserable today, drizzly rain! I didn’t fancy walking round for ages in the rain looking for a dog so I popped into Pets at Home when I got back to Bolton. There were a couple of dogs in the grooming parlour but they weren’t with their owners so I couldn’t take a picture of them. Just as I walked outside of the shop I noticed a lady getting in to a car with a little dog in it so I went over to say hello! I met Missy a very cute Jackadoodle! She was very friendly but a little camera-shy so it was pretty difficult to get a picture of her!

Cute Missy

Cute Missy

Name: Missy

Breed: Jackadoodle (Jack Russell and Poodle cross)

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Missy will eat anything but especially likes chicken!

Favourite toy: A toy dog which is the same size as her! (I bet she looks really cute when she’s playing with her dog)

Favourite pastime: Riding in the car


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