Year of the Dog Day 43

I went for a walk at lunch time today but didn’t spot any dogs, I did bump into my sister though which was very nice!

I parked up near nursery and spotted a very cute dog! I jumped out of the car to say hello to very lovely Petra! Petra’s owner has broken her leg so she was being walked by Iris and Keith. They weren’t 100% sure about some of the questions I asked them about Petra so they very kindly found out some of the info when they dropped her off and rang me up to let me know; thanks Iris and Keith!

Lovely Petra

Lovely Petra

Name: Petra

Breed: Jack Russell/ Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross

Age: 5 years old

Favourite Toy: Rope

Favourite pastime: Walking and snuggling up to her toy teddy!


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