Year of the Dog Day 188

I had no luck at spotting a dog at dinnertime today so I planned to go for a little walk near nursery before I picked Ethan up. Unfortunately The train was delayed so I didn’t have time, I had to wait until my husband got home from work. I went to the usual park and I spotted an extremely excited Black Labrador who was literally jumping for joy! She bounced the whole time I was with her, such a lovely girl!

Beautiful happy Ace!

Beautiful happy Ace!

Name: Ace (named after the ace of spades!)

Breed: Black Labrador

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Sardines. Ace will leave a bowl of dog food but will wolf down sardines!

Favourite toy: Ace doesn’t play with toys

Favourite pastime: Going for a walk. Ace also loves swimming.


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