Year of the Dog Day 164

I’m currently on holiday in Dorset and I’m very excited about all of the dogs I’m going to see! I wonder if I’ll see different breeds; is there a North/ South doggy divide?!

I went into Weymouth today and pretty much as soon as I walked into the town centre I spotted a really handsome looking dog. I met gorgeous Derek, what a friendly boy he is! I got to have a little bit of a cuddle with him, he’s very nice! Derek is a Labradoodle. His mum is a Fox Red Labrador which you can see from the lovely colour of his coat and his dad is a Miniature Poodle; I’m not really sure how that worked! Derek has a doggy passport and travels to France regularly, lucky boy!


Smiley boy!

Smiley boy!

Name: Derek

Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 22 months old

Favourite food: Sausages!

Favourite toy: Derek doesn’t really play with toys!

Favourite pastime: Walking! Derek walks 5 miles every morning and then 3 miles every night! Derek also loves swimming!


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