Year of the Dog Day 232

I meant to go out at lunchtime today to search for a dog but I didn’t get chance. I planned to pop to the park on the way home from work but then I spotted a trainee Guide Dog in the Historic Reading Room in work, I was very happy! Percy is a lovely friendly boy, he’s very chilled out and I got to give him a stroke! Percy starts his Guide Dog training next month, I bet he’ll be great. Percy has lived with his foster human since he was 7 weeks old. They’re going to miss him loads but they’re really glad that he’s going to do an amazing job and will make a real difference to some ones life. They would definitely do it again! Percy has 10 brothers and sisters and the are all training to be Guide Dogs.

I couldn’t decide which photo I liked the best so I’ve added a few!

Handsome Percy!

Handsome Percy!



Name: Percy

Breed: Yellow Labrador

Age: 13 months old

Job: Guide Dog

Favourite food: Percy eats a specialist diet

Favourite toy: A hard bone chew toy

Favourite pastime: Playing tug! Percy also enjoys going on the train to Manchester (Percy lives in Buxton).


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