Year of the Dog Day 304

I went for a much needed haircut today and whilst in the hairdressers John-Lee Guy in Bolton I spotted a beautiful Pomeranian. I asked the hairdresser if the dog belonged to one of the members of staff and it turned out that she belongs to the owner John-Lee and he was happy for me to take her picture. Izzy is a real cutie! Izzy is really lucky and gets to go to work with her human daddy every day; she’s been going since she was a puppy. Izzy has her own little bed behind the reception desk and she also likes having a little walk around the salon and getting fussed by all of her friends. Izzy also likes to dress up as you can see in the lovely picture her human daddy sent me below.

Beautiful Izzy!

Beautiful Izzy!


Name: Izzy

Breed: Toy Pomeranian

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Mild Cheddar cheese

Favourite toy: Toy space hopper

Favourite pastime: Walking in the city!


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