Year of the Dog Day 284

We popped to Moses Gate Country Park this afternoon for little walk round. When we arrived we spotted gorgeous Geoff the St Bernard; I can’t believe how big he is now, he’s massive! Just near the playground I spotted a lovely looking dog which I thought was possibly a Chow but I wasn’t 100% sure as she looked a bit smaller than the others I’ve met! I went over to meet beautiful China and it turns out that she is Chow, she’s just quite a small one; apparently her brother is massive compared to her! China is very affectionate, I gave her lots of strokes and she properly cuddled into me for a hug! China is really good with kids and loves cuddles!

Gorgeous China!

Gorgeous China!

Name: China

Breed: Chow Chow

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Dentastix, she goes mental for them!

Favourite toy: Kong ball. She loves getting the treats out of tem!

Favourite pastime: Swimming! China especially loves swimming in muddy water! She also enjoys dipping her ears in mud!


Year of the Dog Day 283

I was returning home in the car when I spotted a very handsome and massive dog down the street so I got out of the car to day hello! Luther is huge, the pictures really don’t justice to show how big he is! He’s a very lovely boy, I gave him lots of stokes and also got to give him a treat! Luther lives with 3 cats; he gets on really well with two of them but the other one isn’t very keen on him, she took a swipe at him when he was a puppy and he’s never forgotten it! Buddy, one of the cats really likes Luther and will climb up on him and go to sleep next to him. Luther has nearly squashed Buddy a few times though by accidently rolling on him! Luther isn’t very keen on the traffic, when I left him he didn’t want to walk on as he was heading towards the main road so he sat firm! His human did  eventually manage to get Luther to walk on!

Handsome Luther!

Handsome Luther!

I hope you can get a sense of scale from this picture!

I hope you can get a sense of scale from this picture!

Name: Luther

Breed: Northern Inuit and German Shepherd Cross

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Cat food! He’s always stealing the cats food!

Favourite toy: He likes playing with sticks and bricks! He likes to fish them out of the brook and then lick them!

Favourite pastime: Luther likes to be in water. He gets very excited as soon as he’s near water!

Year of the Dog Day 282

I was waiting to get off the train this morning and I spotted a beautiful dog on the train, I didn’t have time to take her picture though! I was at the reception desk at work when I spotted a lovely Bedlington Terrier outside, very exciting! I went outside to meet handsome Larry and fortunately Larry’s very kind human dad didn’t mind waiting whilst I ran up to my office to get my camera! Larry is a very nice boy, I gave him lots of strokes and when I was saying goodbye he pulled back towards me for one more fuss! He also has a real spring in his step, he almost skips! Larry’s humans got him when he was 1 year old from some people that had two other big dogs. They think the other dogs might have been picking on Larry as he didn’t look too great. Fortunately he now has a good home and gets lots of fuss, he’s a bit of a lap dog!

Handsome Larry!

Handsome Larry!


Name: Larry

Breed: Bedlington Terrier

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Larry likes chicken, lamb and kidneys

Favourite toy: His green ball

Favourite pastime: Walking!

Year of the Dog Day 281

I’m working late again tonight but rather than go into work at the usual time I’ve decided to start later so that I can go in search of a dog first thing and not worry about finding one! I dropped Ethan off at nursery and then headed to the park. As soon as I arrived I spotted a lady walking a very cute dog. I thought that Meggie was a Yorkshire Terrier but she’s actually a Chorkie, a Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua cross. Meggie is a very friendly girl, she jumped up really high to say hello. Meggie really likes people and other dogs, she always wants to say hello and to play. Meggie is a rescue dog from Leigh Cats and Dogs home, he was found wondering the streets of Salford all on her own!

Lovely Meggie!

Lovely Meggie!

Name: Megan (Meggie)

Breed: Chorkie (Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua cross)

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Vegetables

Favourite toy: Scruffy Dog, a squeaky cuddly toy. Meggie won’t go to bed without Scruffy Dog so sometimes his humans have to turn the house over looking for him!

Favourite pastime: Walking and playing!

Year of the Dog Day 280

I forgot my dog blog kit today, booooo! I was going to go out at lunchtime too! Anyway I picked up Ethan from my parents after work and headed home and as Tim was home I went in search of a dog. The weather looked really threatening but I’m pleased to say that it didn’t rain! I didn’t have to go far when I spotted a very happy looking dog walking down the path so I went to meet him. Oscar is a cross between a Jack Russell and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he’s a handsome boy! It’s really interesting to see which features a dog gets from each breed; Oscar has the face shape of a Jack Russell and the features of a Staffie! Oscar is very alert, he had his eye on the ball the whole time I was with him! Oscar’s parents saw a advert for him on a website. When they went to meet him they were worried about what might happen to him if they didn’t give him a home so he came to live with them, I’m glad he did!

Handsome Oscar!

Handsome Oscar!


Name: Oscar

Breed: Jack Russell and Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross

Age: 10 months old

Favourite food: Ham! Oscar also really likes Ice cream! His human mummy let him have some once and now he gets very excited when she goes into the freezer.

Favourite toy: His ball!

Favourite pastime: Running in an open field.

Year of the Dog Day 279

I didn’t get out at lunchtime today so I popped to the park on my way to pick up Ethan. There wasn’t many people about but I spotted Ben from Day 272, he’s such a lovely boy, I gave him lots of strokes! I walked a bit further and I spotted a lady walking a cute a little dog so I walked as fast as I could to say hello! Sophie is a friendly girl and she’s very cute! Sophie used to belong to her current humans daughter but she cam to live with her when she was 12 months old.

Lovely Sophie!

Lovely Sophie!

Name: Sophie

Breed: Lahsa Apso

Age: 8 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything! Sophie loves food and she’s always trying to skive food off people! She was very interested when a man walked past eating a sandwich!

Favourite toy: Squeaky duck

Favourite pastime: Eating!

Year of the Dog Day 278

I didn’t get chance to look for a dog until I got back to Bolton today. I went for a walk at the bottom of my parents street but it was very quiet about. I had to walk for a good 15 minutes until I spotted a very happy looking dog in the distance. I was very pleased to meet Hewie, he’s a lovely, friendly boy and likes to lean into peoples legs for a cuddle! I got a cuddle and a kiss from him! Before Hewie’s humans got him they did lots of research about what breed to get; they wanted a small dog but with a big personality and they definitely got that in Hewie! Hewie has two human siblings; they’re best buds. On Christmas day Hewie got very excited, more excited than the kids and ripped all of the open his presents in no time! His tennis balls didn’t last for very long!

Handsome Hewie!

Handsome Hewie!

Name: Hewie

Breed: Border Terrier

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Eggs! Hewie really loves scrambled eggs and always eyes up his humans when they have some! If Hewie won’t eat his dog food his human mummy will make him some scrambled egg and sprinkle it on top!

Favourite toy: Tennis balls but he destroys them in minutes! He now has a Kong toy which he  hasn’t managed to destroy yet!

Favourite pastime: Walking!

Year of the Dog Day 277

I went to Moss Bank Park this afternoon with Tim and Ethan. There were plenty of dogs about and then I spotted a really lovely looking Boxer Dog so I went over to say hello. Cleo is a gorgeous girl. She’s getting quite old now but she’s still very active and alert, she’s full of beans! Cleo had some bad news early this year, she was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately they found out early enough that the vets could operate. Cleo had lots of fuss from people walking past today, she is very lovely though!

Beautiful Cleo!

Beautiful Cleo!

Name: Cleo

Breed: Boxer Dog

Age: 13 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything! She’ll try to steal any titbits from the dining room table!

Favourite toy: Her rope which she likes to play tug of war with!

Favourite pastime: Running and chasing sticks!

Year of the Dog Day 276

I popped into town today with Tim and Ethan. On the way home in the car I spotted a beautiful trainee Guide Dog so I got Tim to pull over so I could say hello! Bessie is a lovely girl, she has such a gorgeous face! I got to give her lots of fuss and even tickled her belly! Bessie has been with her puppy walker since she was 6 weeks old; she’s now 18 months old and she’s due to start her training any time now! This is the first time that her puppy walkers have looked after a Guide Dog puppy but they’ve had lots of Golden Retrievers in the past.

I really respect the people that look after the Guide Dog puppies, it must be so difficult to say goodbye to them, they obviously have really big hearts! Bessie’s walker is a bit nervous about how she’s feel saying goodbye but she would consider doing it again. Bessie is a very loving dogs, she loves cuddles. Bessie is best friends with another Guide Dog puppy called Warrior, they go for a walk and play together every day!


Name: Bessie

Breed: Black Labrador and Golden Retriever Cross

Age: 18 months old

Favourite food: Bessie is on a special Guide Dog diet but she especially enjoys apples, pears and carrots!

Favourite toy: Bessie tend to rip toys up!

Favourite pastime: Swimming!

Year of the Dog Day 275

I popped to the park on my way to pick up Ethan from nursery today. When I arrived I spotted 3 ladies with 3 very cute dogs so I made my way across the park to meet them. Two of the dogs, a Staffie and a Springer Spaniel are 4 month old puppies, very cute! They were both very excited playing with each other so I decided it would be too difficult to get a photo of one of them so I chose beautiful Molly as my dog of the day. Molly is a lovely friendly girl, I gave her lots of strokes! Molly was out with her humans mum and her dog cousin Marley the Springer Spaniel. They both get on well with each other but Molly can find Marley to be a bit boisterous!

Lovely Molly!

Lovely Molly!

Name: Molly

Breed: Shih Tzu

Age: 6 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Custard creams!

Favourite toy: Molly enjoys playing with her football and she also likes playing with her teddy!

Favourite pastime: Going for walks!

Year of the Dog Day 274

I’ve had a real treat today, a trip to the spa at the Last Drop Village with my mum! I’m extremely relaxed now! On the way back to the car I spotted a man walking two very lovely dogs so I went to meet them. By the time I’d reached them Bertie the Border Collie had already ran off so I decided to make Amber a beautiful Golden Labrador/ Retriever cross my dog of the day. Amber is a lovely girl, she very friendly and was also very relaxed! When Amber was a puppy she was in the Guide Dog training programme but unfortunately she didn’t make it because she didn’t stop ‘spending’ on the lead! Amber gets on well with her dog housemate Bertie although they are quite different temperament; Bertie doesn’t stop!

Beautiful Amber!

Beautiful Amber!

Name: Amber

Breed: Golden Labrador and Retriever Cross

Age: 7 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Amber loves soft toys which she likes to carry around in her mouth.

Favourite pastime: Eating!