Year of the Dog Day 277

I went to Moss Bank Park this afternoon with Tim and Ethan. There were plenty of dogs about and then I spotted a really lovely looking Boxer Dog so I went over to say hello. Cleo is a gorgeous girl. She’s getting quite old now but she’s still very active and alert, she’s full of beans! Cleo had some bad news early this year, she was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately they found out early enough that the vets could operate. Cleo had lots of fuss from people walking past today, she is very lovely though!

Beautiful Cleo!

Beautiful Cleo!

Name: Cleo

Breed: Boxer Dog

Age: 13 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything! She’ll try to steal any titbits from the dining room table!

Favourite toy: Her rope which she likes to play tug of war with!

Favourite pastime: Running and chasing sticks!


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