Year of the Dog Day 276

I popped into town today with Tim and Ethan. On the way home in the car I spotted a beautiful trainee Guide Dog so I got Tim to pull over so I could say hello! Bessie is a lovely girl, she has such a gorgeous face! I got to give her lots of fuss and even tickled her belly! Bessie has been with her puppy walker since she was 6 weeks old; she’s now 18 months old and she’s due to start her training any time now! This is the first time that her puppy walkers have looked after a Guide Dog puppy but they’ve had lots of Golden Retrievers in the past.

I really respect the people that look after the Guide Dog puppies, it must be so difficult to say goodbye to them, they obviously have really big hearts! Bessie’s walker is a bit nervous about how she’s feel saying goodbye but she would consider doing it again. Bessie is a very loving dogs, she loves cuddles. Bessie is best friends with another Guide Dog puppy called Warrior, they go for a walk and play together every day!


Name: Bessie

Breed: Black Labrador and Golden Retriever Cross

Age: 18 months old

Favourite food: Bessie is on a special Guide Dog diet but she especially enjoys apples, pears and carrots!

Favourite toy: Bessie tend to rip toys up!

Favourite pastime: Swimming!


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