Year of the Dog Day 281

I’m working late again tonight but rather than go into work at the usual time I’ve decided to start later so that I can go in search of a dog first thing and not worry about finding one! I dropped Ethan off at nursery and then headed to the park. As soon as I arrived I spotted a lady walking a very cute dog. I thought that Meggie was a Yorkshire Terrier but she’s actually a Chorkie, a Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua cross. Meggie is a very friendly girl, she jumped up really high to say hello. Meggie really likes people and other dogs, she always wants to say hello and to play. Meggie is a rescue dog from Leigh Cats and Dogs home, he was found wondering the streets of Salford all on her own!

Lovely Meggie!

Lovely Meggie!

Name: Megan (Meggie)

Breed: Chorkie (Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua cross)

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Vegetables

Favourite toy: Scruffy Dog, a squeaky cuddly toy. Meggie won’t go to bed without Scruffy Dog so sometimes his humans have to turn the house over looking for him!

Favourite pastime: Walking and playing!


3 thoughts on “Year of the Dog Day 281

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    Just a quick message to say I am nominating you for the Blogger Recognition Award – congratulations! Feel free to check out this post to see the ‘rules’ of the award 🙂

    Also, please don’t feel pressured to devote a post to this award or follow the rules, you really don’t need to…just know that I have nominated your blog because I like it and think it’s awesome 😀

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