Year of the Dog Day 298

I’ve been working today so I headed out at lunchtime today to look for a dog. I spotted handsome Frenchie Maurice from Day 24 so I went to say hello. Maurice had to have an operation earlier this week so he has some stitches but I’m pleased to say that he’s ok. Maurice’s human mummy told me about a Bichon Frise that they had met who had just gone into a shop so I headed in to search for it! I asked the man in the shop if a dog had just come in and he pointed me in the right direction! They were just coming back up the stairs when I met beautiful Daisy, what a lovely, friendly and excited girl she is! I got to give Daisy lots of stokes, it was pretty difficult to get a photo of her as she kept coming back up to me for more fuss!

Beautiful Daisy!

Beautiful Daisy!

Name: Daisy

Breed: Bichon Frise

Age: 16 months old

Favourite food: Cheese and chicken strips! Daisy also has a passion for sea bass! Daisy also likes a croissant for breakfast!

Favourite toy: A fluffy mouse called Mini!

Favourite pastime: Showing her belly and having it rubbed!


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