Year of the Dog Day 292

I went out and a about a few times during the day but I didn’t spot any dogs in Manchester so I popped to the park after work. It was just light enough, it’s going to get hard when he clocks go back! I spotted Charlie and Lola two gorgeous King Charles Cavalier Spaniels across the park. Charlie was my Dog of the Day for Day 111 so I went over to say hello and ask Lola if I could take her picture! Charlie and Lola are both lovely dogs, they’re really friendly to people and other dogs! I gave Lola lots of fuss, what a cute little face she has! Charlie and Lola were previously owned by a person that didn’t look after them properly and fed them food  which was bad for them. This made them overweight and Lola has had to have some teeth removed. Fortunately they now have humans that love them loads and are able to care for them properly.

Gorgeous Lola!

Gorgeous Lola!

Name: Lola

Breed: King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (Ruby)

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Human food

Favourite toys: Lola doesn’t play with toys. Her human thinks this is due to how she was brought up by her previous owner.

Favourite pastime: Bum racing! Lola puts her bum on the ground and races shuffling forward on her front paws! Her human took her to the vets as he was worried that she had worms but she hasn’t and it’s just something that she does!


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