Year of the Dog Day 213

I’m off work this weekend, I’m very pleased! I went to town today and I spotted 2 very lovely dogs who were helping their humans collect money for the Bolton NHS Charitable Fund. I went over to say hello and met very beautiful Baylee a Golden Retriever. Baylee is a Guide Dog and has been with her current human for 4 years. She’s a very friendly girl and was enjoying all of the fuss she was getting today! I got to give he lots of strokes and she leaned in for a cuddle. Baylee loves her human and licks her arm whenever they are bare!

Beautiful Baylee!

Beautiful Baylee!

Name: Baylee

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 6 years old (human years)

Job: Guide Dog

Favourite food: Baylee is on a specialist diet

Favourite toy: Squeaky dice. It’s quite noisy so she only gets to play with it as a special treat!

Favourite pastime: Free running


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