Year of the Dog Day 200

We have family visiting this weekend so we decided to take them to the excellent IWM North today as they’ve never been! We had a great visit and decided to take a stroll over the bridge to have a little look round Media City. When we got to the bridge I spotted a very tall and handsome dog coming towards us so I went over the say hello. Monty is a very tall German Shorthaired Pointer, he was the biggest in his litter! He’s a friendly boy and I got to give him a good stroke; I even got a wet nose kiss! Monty had to have an operation last Friday on two of his cruciate ligaments. Fortunately it was keyhole surgery so he didn’t have a massive scar. He’s doing really well considering he’d only just had his operation and could walk round pretty normally; lovely boy! Fortunately Monty’s humans got him insured, so far  he’s had to have £11,500 worth of treatment, fingers crossed its all ok now!

Handsome Monty!

Handsome Monty!

Lovely boy!

Lovely boy!

Name: Monty

Breed: German Shorthaired  Pointer

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Chicken and rice!

Favourite toy: Anything that is a bird, he is a gun dog! They tend to get ripped to shreds pretty quickly!

Favourite pastime: Running and chasing squirrels!


2 thoughts on “Year of the Dog Day 200

  1. Liza was lovely to meet you today what a fab idea this is ! Thank you so much for picking Monty today to be dog number 200 of 2015 the ‘year of the dog’ we love your pictures of him and your background info. Good luck with your challenge for the rest of the year and meeting loads of four legged furry hounds ! With love and best wishes Alison,Michael and Monty xxx 🐶🐶🐶

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