Year of the Dog Day 199

Emma and Geoff’s human mummy from day 182 told me about a dog show that she was judging today at Jollyes Pet Shop so I thought I would go along! As soon as I got there I spotted  a very handsome doggy which I first I thought might be a puppy Newfoundland so I went over to say hello! It turns out that gorgeous Bear is a Tibetan Mastiff, what an amazing dog! I don’t think I’ve ever met a Tibetan Mastiff before so I was really pleased to meet him today. Bear’s fur is so soft, he still has his puppy fur but his human mummy showed an area where his new fur is coming through.

Handsome Bear!

Handsome Bear!

Bear is going to be massive!

Bear is going to be massive!

Name: Bear

Breed: Tibetan Mastiff

Age: 6 months old

Favourite food: Ham bones!

Favourite toy: Kai, his Rottweiler doggy cousin! Kai isn’t that keen on Bear though!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping and following around his human mummy’s granddaughter; he’s a gentle giant!


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