Year of the Dog Day 19

I’m very excited today! I was sat in my office in work when the phone rang, it was my colleague Kim. “Quick Liza, we’ve got a dog for you” she said so I ran down the stairs to the reception desk. When I got down there Kim explained that they saw an amazing dog and so my other colleague Mark ran after them and explained about the blog. By the time I got down (my office is probably the furthest point away from the reception desk) there was no dog to be seen but they were due to come back that way. Only a few minutes later the amazing Chow Bubba appeared, what an amazing dog, you don’t see Chow’s every day! Whilst I was taking picture of Bubba another admirer walked past and also took a picture, although I don’t think that lady was doing a blog! The building in the background is the spectacular John Rylands Library!

Beautiful Bubba

Beautiful Bubba

Name: Bubba

Breed: Chow

Age: 1-year-old (human years)

Favourite food: Papaya!

Favourite toy: Bubba doesn’t really play with toys but does enjoy eating her owners slippers, 3 pairs have been eaten already!

Favourite pastime: Going for a walk around town!


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