Year of the Dog Day 18

It’s still pretty icy outside today but I decided to walk to my parents house rather than drive in the hope that I would see a dog. I got right to my parents’ street before I did meet a dog and that was my parents neighbours dog. He’s very lovely but I haven’t made him my dog of the day today as I thought it would be sensible to save him as a back up dog on a day I’m struggling. Loads of dogs walk past my parents house so I figured it wouldn’t take long to spot one, it didn’t! My dad jumped up and shouted ‘a dog Liza, quick!’, it’s a family effort!

I ran out of the house in hot pursuit and caught up with a very excited Neville who was on his way to play ball on the field. I think that Neville is one of the most excited dogs I’ve ever met, he couldn’t wait to get to the field! I had to stand in the direction of the field to get the picture, he wouldn’t look in any other direction, eye on the prize!

Very excited Neville

Very excited Neville

Name: Neville

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Schmackos

Favourite pastime: Playing with his ball on the field. He couldn’t wait!

Funny story: Neville once fell asleep on the bed lying on his back but ended up rolling off the bed!


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