Year of the Dog Day 17

The weather has been awful today, loads of hail and sleet! I was going to go for a nice walk in the park today but it’s really icy and skiddy so I’ve just gone for a walk to the shop instead! I spotted a lady walking 3 dogs so I ran across the road to meet the trio of pooches. It turns out that Christine, the lady walking the dogs, is a dog walker although the dogs she was walking today are hers. I only took a picture of the one dog (I did give them all a treat though) and Christine chose the lovely Meg. Meg is an old girl but has lots of sparkle, she flashed me her winning smile!

Lovely Meg

Lovely Meg

Name: Meg

Breed: Cross breed Spaniel and Border Collie

Age: 13 years old

Favourite food: Anything

Favourite toy: Meg doesn’t really play with toys

Favourite pastime: Walking and human interaction. Meg smiles when she’s happy and being spoken to!


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