Year of the Dog Day 214

I Went to a RSPCA dog show today at Moses Gate Country Park, there were so many dogs! As soon as I arrived I spotted very handsome Chewy from Day 135, he’s such a friendly boy! Whilst I was chatting to Chewy’s human mummy I spotted a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog, soooooo chuffed; I’ve wanted to see one since I started the blog! Truman is a very handsome and friendly boy, he wanted to make friends with all the other dogs there, and there were lots! Truman is a gentle giant: he shares his house with a house rabbit called Peppa.

Handsome Truman!

Handsome Truman!

Name: Truman

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Age:10 months old

Favourite food: Orijen dog food, he loves it!

Favourite toy: A tree root which he loves to chew!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping with his feed stuck up in the air!