Year of the Dog Day 95

I had another easy day in terms dog hunting! Today I met up with a very handsome Curly Coated Retriever called Hector. Hectors human mummy Kirstin is the human daughter of Muffin and Jake’s (day 68) human mum; she got in touch after I met Muffin and Jake and so we got chance to meet up today! Hector is a very friendly handsome boy, he’s massive too, you can’t really tell how big he is by the picture! He also came along to the park with Muffin and Jake; it was very nice to see them again! They’re all really sweet together, at one point I was stroking all 3 of them!

Hector is a rescue dog, he was left abandoned tied up to a lamppost. I can’t understand why people do that. He’s such a lovely dog, I’m really pleased he’s got a good home now!

Handsome Hector!

Handsome Hector!



Name: Hector

Breed: Curly coated retriever

Age: 7 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Sardines and Pedigree Jumbones

Favourite toy: Plastic cupcake

Favourite pastime: Being the centre of attention!