Year of the Dog Day 99

Just as I was taking pictures of lovely Glen yesterday I spotted a very handsome Old English Bulldog; sooo gorgeous! I asked his human mummy if she would be able to meet up with me today so that I could take his picture and she said yes, very happy! It was pretty nice knowing that I had a dog lined up today so I didn’t have to go searching at dinnertime, I did happen to walk past about 5 dogs though!

After work myself, Ethan and my Dad went for a walk down the street to meet up with lovely Bentley! He’s such a lovely dog with bags of character; basically everyone that walks past him wants to say hello! You can’t really tell from the picture but Bentley is quite big considering he’s only 7 months old!

Bentley is a rescue dog. His breeder took him to the vets to have him put down as a young puppy because he had cherry eye even though the condition is very treatable. Luckily Bentleys Human mum’s daughter works in the vets and rang her mum to ask is they could give Bentley a home; the answer was yes! Who wouldn’t, he’s great!

Gorgeous Bentley!

Gorgeous Bentley!

Oh hello!

Oh hello!

Name: Bentley

Breed: Old English Bulldog

Age: 7 months old

Favourite food: Carrots

Favourite toy: Kong ball

Favourite pastime: Paddling in the reservoir!